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OBAMA: All Guns and No Butter

It's time to point out to our friends on the Left that they do not have the President which they were hoping for.

They are not getting a new deal but a raw one that is the old redistribution of wealth model: "Take from the poor and give to the military industrial complex."

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So, instead of Robin Hood...

we got Hood Robin, or more precisely, Hood Obama. And by hood I mean hoodilum.

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You cannot change the meaning of the word "hood" willy-nilly

A hood is a part of a garmet that covers your head in the rain. That's it. Words can only be used in one way and context never matters. ;;
Why do ovens have hoods if it doesn't rain in my kitchen? lol

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he meant: 'hood robbin'.

Robbing neighborhoods.

He forgot the apostrophes...and the extra b.

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I think the Left is getting

I think the Left is getting it. Hopefully the Right will realize that Obama is not a marxist and is actually closer to their maniacal warmongering than he is to his own base, but I'm not holding my breath.

Ventura 2012

Them there terrorists won't sleep until they kill us all

If we don't keep warmongering, we'll be overrun with terrorists so fast your head will spin.

Since the hate us for our freedom

After we get done getting rid of all our freedom we need to turn our attention to giving them other reasons to hate us...thank goodness Obomba knows whats what.

hahahahhaha such a great

hahahahhaha such a great point. As much as the neocons accuse us of pandering to them by bringing our troops home, we can turn the table on them, haha.

Ventura 2012

The Marxist-Is-lmao

The Marxist-Is-lmao CommunaziS? R here?

Ventura 2012