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First Lady Now Requires 26 Servants: Cost to You - $1.75 Plus Million

First Lady Now Requires 26 Servants
By Dr. Paul L. Williams Monday, August 17, 2009

“In my own life, in my own small way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much,” she said. “See, that’s why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service,”— Michelle Obama.

We were wrong.

Michelle Obama, as we reported on July 7, is not served by twenty-two attendants who stand by to cater to her every whim.

She is served by twenty-six attendants, including a hair dresser and make-up artist.

The annual cost to taxpayers for such unprecedented attention is approximately $1,750,000 without taking into account the expense of the lavish benefit packages afforded to every attendant.

Little did American voters realize the call for “change” would result in the establishment of an Obama oligarchy.

The discovery of the additional attendants was made by D’Angelo Gore of factcheck.org and by calls to Katie McCormick Lelyyeld, Michelle Obama’s press secretary.

Mr. Gore launched his investigation of the First Lady’s staff in the wake of an article that appeared on thelastcrusade.org and Canada Free Press on July 7.

The article, which became a chain letter viewed by millions of Americans, reported that Michelle Obama requires more than twenty attendants - - more than any First Lady in U.S. History. It provided the following list of White House staff members assigned to the First Lady:

Continue: http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/13827

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She lost her license, that's

She lost her license, that's why she left the law firm. The documents are sealed (who would have thought?).


of course they cleaned up the web and made it look like she gave up her license voluntarily.

A sure sign of a privileged puppet dictator's wife -

I recall Imelda Marcos and the over indulgence of unbelievable excess that was extracted from 'the people' while they lived in servitude and poverty.

Of course we saw what happened to the Marcos' not unlike that of Saddam Hussein.

What goes around must certainly come back around.

We have the right to petition?

Why are we not?The liberals do it with a fever about very stupid things,When are we going to Petition for good things?I don't see it!
There should be a signature count everyday on the DP

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

You know why everything's all crazy now?

Because nobody will do anything to stop it. Just like nobody will go to Haiti and deliver aid. All anyone does is "expose" things and you know what? Nobody cares. At least not enough to do anything about it. Maybe we should write a letter--that'll fix them!

Michael Nystrom's picture


And the reason nobody will do anything is because most anything you could do would be illegal.

Why else do we have the highest prison population in the industrialized world?

When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free.

He's the man.

Jefferson said something about unjust laws:

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Thomas Jefferson
Of course they didn't have supermax prisons either.


Mike you are so right,This has been bothering me as of late.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I wonder

If this part of the budget will be cut, or are they only going to squeeze us peasants?

He's the man.