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Bernanke MUST NOT be confirmed! Deluge Reid with your calls!

I called Reid's office right now to express my urgency that Bernanke not be confirmed. I asked if they were getting many phone calls & was told, "no."

So, you know what to do, call Reid's office today & give Harry some HELL about Bernanke!


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Hey Liberty_Mike!

I am from Nevada. I'm one of the undelegates that got elected at the second convention & didn't get recognized.

Don't forget to call Harry!


So am I. I wrote an letter to the editor the other day to the Reno Gazette Journal about Bernanke's reappointment which will be appearing sometime this week. I called Senator Ensign's office about an hour ago to demand he vote against Bernanke. The staffer at the DC office said they haven't been contacted about it much, but Ensign will make a decision soon. Please contact Ensign today and tell himw hat you think. Since not many people have contacted him about it, we can gain some momentum! His DC phone number is 202-224-6244.

By the way ausscyn, are you

By the way ausscyn, are you from Nevada by any chance??

In the REAL world....

I don't think it makes any difference whether Big Ben is confirmed or not. He is not the one that makes the decisions but is merely a front man for the machine.

BUT.... as a sign that the public is AAANNNGGGRRRYYY
I think it would be marvelous for him to lose his job!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Although that may be true, us

Although that may be true, us contacting our Senators to make sure Bernanke is not confirmed will send a message to the Fed that we are still here!