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Lame Liberal Belo Corporation Hit Job titled "Debra Medina pays for wardrobe from campaign contributions"

In the interest of fairness the gaint liberal Belo Corporation (enemy to conservatives everywhere) should next do an investigation and write-up of how much former cheerleader (its true) Governor Rick Perry pays his Hair Stylist per day.

Here is the crapy piece Belo put out on Debra Medina today attempting to compare her measely ~$2,000 purchase at middle of the road department stores to that of Sarah Palin's ~$25,000 hair and makeup job.


Of course Belo failed to mention how much Palin spent, thus falsely indicating that it was somewhat comparable to what Medina had done.

This Belo Crap is not at all news worthy, other than the fact that it is a blatant attempt by a giant liberal news corporation to write a hit piece to dictate who is and who is not a viable conservative candidate for Texas conservatives to vote for.

Texas conservatives need to reject all Belo publications and media interests outright.

I expect that the Belo debate this Friday will show obvious bias as well given that they clearly prefer soldout encumbants already owned by corporate soft money special interests.


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