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New Rolling Stone issue with Osama Bin Laden's son Omar Bin Laden.

If anyone has a chance to read the article written about Omar Bin Laden in the new Rolling Stone magazine you will find the below paraphrase..

"Will there be more attacks?" - Rolling Stone Interviewer

"I don't think so," Omar says. "He doesn't need to. As soon as America went to Afghanistan, his plan worked. He has already won." - Omar Bin Laden


This is the same thing that Ron Paul has said was the goal of Osama. Now we have his son backing up the Dr's statements on this issue.

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Why doesn't he just tell the truth

His father is dead..... That would justify ending the war on Terror*ism.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon


Do you have a link to the article?

updated with link and exact

updated with link and exact quote