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We need to shpw support for Obama's proposed spending freeze

Is it telling that the military industrial complex will not miss a meal? Yes. However, Obama's proposed spending freeze is a step in the right direction. We need to show that we are not partisan and give credit and support when it is due. Also, by giving Obama support from the so-called "right", we can make news and an even bigger name for our movement.


Assuming there isnt all sorts of toxic waste attached to the bill, Ron Paul might even vote for it! He never met a tax/spending cut he didnt like!

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No, Thank you!!!

No. Until Obama cuts/stops spending on undeclared wars and empire building, on allowing FED to print more money to support more of the same Bush programs, on expanding government, and welfare programs.


Hmm sounds familiar

Remember closing of guantanamo last January? In case some have not heard this torture prison is still up and fully operational representing the USA to all other nations what a disgrace to hard working Americans. Great sound byte though, there will be no spending freeze , how many times must you be lied to before you awaken. He is trying to get the people's polls to rise a little and know what the sheeple will follow his command. I will not support anything this asshat promotes with falsehoods and lies.

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25 billion, not enough not real,

This show is all show!

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

What spending freeze?

This is all smoke and mirrors

Obomba, King of Bait and Switch

Obomba has no choice but to SAY he'll take a step in the right direction. He may even begin to put the plan into action to cut the drop-in-the-bucket $250 billion by 2020, but of course he shouldn't be in power in ten years. IMO this is just meant to appease the masses to buy time. I wouldn't be surprised tomorrow if he does a lot of Volker name dropping.

The man was recruited into office for his ability to sell lies.

All Guns and No Butter

I will say it again.