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Goodbye To My Former School Prison Center


Real life education. School doesn't prepare you for the real world, it trains you to submit to tyranny, and learn pointless useless concepts to stay unintelligent.

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I give that video a


One thing you could do is

have a parent send in a homeschooling notice. In most states, you should be able to determine your own curriculum and have your parents submit a curriculum that's "for informational purposes only", which means you aren't bound to it. That'll give you the chance to draw up and keep a homeschool diploma.

The benefit of having a homeschool diploma is that, sometimes, positions will require a highschool diploma and reject GED's as not a "real" high school diploma, whereas it's becoming uncommon to the point of rare these days for a homeschool diploma to be rejected as not "real". The homeschoolers are a very active community and often come down pretty hard on anyone who tries to pull that over diplomas.

Defend Liberty!

Good for him.

Get out there and live and learn you only live once. I never used to be this way but the older I get the rowdier I get. lol

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.