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An Open letter to President Obama.

Dear President Obama,

I pray for your well being, and I also pray that you will have the courage to stand up for the Americans who elected you into office.

I understand that you are not an American citizen, and have spent millions, to seal the facts of your past life.

I understand, that you are deeply entrenched in partisan Democratic politics.

I also understand that you are extremely intelligent.
I also understand that you represent the hopes and aspirations of the black community.

I understand a lot of things, but I want you to understand that the role you have taken in life comes with consequences that far exceed the value of your own life.

You were elected as a beacon of hope and change.

Are you going to limit your potential to the despair of the status quo?

I believe in the good that is within all men.

Will you let your goodness shine?

I realize that doing so will place you at grave risk of personal harm, but you must have realized this when you ran for office.

The last President to buck the system was J.F.K., hmmm....

Maybe you are smart enough to help this country without harming yourself.

Maybe you don't care about America, maybe you do.

In the words of MLKjr., There comes a time when silence is betrayal.

It is so sad for me to see a black man finally occupy the White House, and to know that that black man is a puppet of the banks.

What does this say about black people?

The racists will say that black people will sell their own people out for a buck.

Have you no pride? Will you not stand up for black people? Will you not stand up for America?

You will probably never hear my plea, but if you do, please consider the best interests of humanity and America.

Just my thoughts,

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it is a great...

It is a great open letter for the president. One wonders if President Obama is going to get back to some of his campaign promises. We are all tired of those. He has come up with a spending freeze, but it seems as token offerings. $250 billion over three years doesn't add up to much off the federal budget, but he says it will make sense once he gives the State of the Union address.

You're not only a spammer, you're a moron

He gave the speech last night, fool.

What a heartfelt and powerful appeal.

Only someone inhuman could resist being moved by your sincerity and truthfulness. A great letter.

Lets hope he will grow a

Lets hope he will grow a spine.
*not holding my breath*

James David Manning on Alex Jones

Thank you for sending

your letter. I'm inspired to make a direct appeal myself. I wonder if the thoughts and advice will ever reach him?

When I was very little I wrote a letter to God when JFK died and placed it in the kitchen window so he could see it. I don't think he did.

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

What a sweet story, L-Belle.

Brought a tear to my eye. You were always a sweet one.

God hears the prayers of little children- you must know that. :)

I didn't expect a response to this post for several reasons.....

Ruth is rare today.

Christians of today do not turn the other cheek.

Christians today want to KILL those who would oppose them.

Christians today do not pray for their enemies.

Christians today ARE NOT CHRISTIAN, pure and simple.

Let the end of the world begin, we deserve it.


It is real hard not to feel very pessimistic these days, isn't it!

"Let the end of the world begin, we deserve it."

I have to agree with you.