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Tim Geithner Is In Hot Water reports Judge Napolitano


Will Tim Geithner be indicted over AIG scandal? Judge Napolitano Reports with Guest Lew Rockwell of Mises.org


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I love the Judge.

He's always on target and on message. He represents the best of the liberty movement; I wish there were more Judges like him; only if they had the courage.

Judge Napolitano shows the true spirit of the anti-federalist American founders represented through our constitution.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


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for truth and the judge.

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I left the

site earlier, but something told me to come back. I am glad I followed my instincts. If I would not have returned, I would have missed this great thread and the one about the Whistleblower/Bernanke issue...

Bump for the night crew...

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