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Obama BINGO; State of the union address

On Wednesday night, President Obama stands before a joint-session of Congress to give his State of the Union address. To help you through it, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) once again presents Obama BINGO! Use the cards to check off terms and phrases likely to be used during President Obama's State of the Union address. If you get BINGO, let us know on Twitter and/or Facebook. We're always looking for new friends.

Additionally, check out the thorough analysis of Obama's first term in office by the Federal Affairs team at ATR. They've covered a variety of topics including taxes, spending, healthcare, Stimulus, and government transparency.


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meek: I like the way you care. We'll need assistance to get

through this. A clothespin, Card #1, plus a good scotch should make this bearable.

I like the center:


What happens if we win?