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Did Campaign For Liberty Give $350,000 to a Neocon?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I don't usually post here, but I am a regular participant at Ron Paul Forums, as well as being relatively active in real life too.

Having said that, I wanted to point out something that has the other forums all a-buzz: It appears that Campaign For Liberty spent $350,000 on a media buy for a Colorado candidate named Ken Buck, who is endorsed by Michelle Malkin and supports the wars in the Middle East.

We're all over there going WTF?




should get you up to date.

We're looking to apply some pressure and we hope some of you will make phone calls to Virginia to make them explain what in the world they were thinking.

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WE ARE NOT STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That says Illinois survey ...

And where is his answers?

State surveys timed to Primaries.


Free includes debt-free!

Still waiting ...

I smell a rat but ...

if Tate is telling the truth we need to flood CO with Bucks answers and make sure they all know his answers.

I am going to personally link his answers to every newspaper in CO.

This is going to go viral and we will see if Buck backs off those answers.

And my first contact will be made to his opponents.

We will get to the bottom of this very, very quickly.

But of course, we need his answers published.

I bet it never happens.

If I am wrong, I will gladly apologize.


Sounds like the guy misrepresented himself. However, I agree with everyone C4L screwed up. However, I am not going to hold it against them- it's called growing pains.

I mean just think a year and half ago, we had similar conflicts and the grassroots would get angry if something did not smell right. We would complain for days.

Now look at us, we are a powerful force in this country.

I think what is happening is great because it puts C4L in place and lets them know who is boss.

Now, they will correct their mistakes.

They had time to put the ad together ...

but did not have time to publish his answers.

I do not buy it.

Tate is on the record that Buck answered yes to all but one.


Agreed not very transparent!


Free includes debt-free!

this is it?

I think this explanation is overly wordy and...and...and
this is it?

I think MikeLawson is probably correct in his most recent comment below.

The guy is good ...

but why CO first?

and why a neocon first?

We might as well join Palin's army ...

stick our finger in the wind ...

find candidates that are most likely to win ...

and endorse them.

I say we do Ohio next and endorse former Bush slave Mr. Portman.

The guy is leading in the polls and I gaurauntee he can fill out a questionaire using the right answers.

thanks for the link

looking at comments below Tate's explanation nobody is happy - many unanswered questions.

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Let's guess what they'll say

I'm thinking, Mr Buck was the first candidate to return his C4L questionnaire and he answered all the questions favorably so we asked if he would help us to encourage other candidates to fill-out and return their questionnaires also. It's not an ad for Buck, but for the C4L.
They should only try this if they think we're too dumb to read between the lines.

If the survey doesn't ask about war, blood and treasure...

Kind of a lame survey. Has anyone a link to the survey. Is it secret?

Free includes debt-free!

Just talked

with C4L and was told the statement would probably be out within the hour . . . but then I was told that we would have a statement yesterday.

Sheesh. At the very least they need to seriously examine their PR department.

Phil. 4:13

This article has been posted a few times with little commentary


Are you all aware of it? It explains the rather bizarre origins of the ad and makes the story behind it even more confusing. But it's more information, anyway.

reedr3v's picture

That article also raises the issue of

intelligent use of donated funds. The ad is described as bland "vanilla" in substance. How can supporting a vanilla mainstream Republican trying to pass himself off as a principled libertarian possibly benefit the liberty movement? CFL is veering toward the same mistakes of so many corrupted by being closer to power than they can handle and remain principled. And wasting the scarce money of its donors.
Let the Republicans support their own guys; they have the funds for it.


It's just bizarre.

This article makes it sound like Jim DeMint and a gay-rights activist got together and decided to support Ken Buck and attach the Campaign for Liberty logo at the end to win extra bonus points with libertarians; and Ken Buck didn't even know it. So it's not like they even secured some kind of leverage with him in return. The impression I got from the article is that C4L did NOT pay for it, but allowed the ad to say that it did.

In vernacular terms, WTF?

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Any word from C4L yet?

The community is waiting.

I didn't see anything on C4L's site.

He's the man.

Good spin takes time.

Be patient. They're not established enough to get an event staged to get your mind off it, so it will have to be addressed eventually.

Ok guys here's a start of some communication:

Here is the email I sent Marianne yesterday. She is Chair of MN C4L:
Hi Marianne,

There is a lot of confusion and potential disappointment on Daily Paul regarding what I feel may be a 'rumor' spreading throughout the Ron Paul liberty movement that C4L actually paid out $350K towards an ad supporting Ken Buck's Senate campaign in Colorado.

Could you please post a confirmation or rejection of this 'rumor'. This can potentially pull support from Dr. Paul's congressional seat as well as his potential bid for president in 2012. Please Help!!!

Here is her reply:

"Not exactly. C4L is supposed to be putting a statement out about this soon. I can say is that the money didn't come from C4L to start with, but came from Colorado, and that it was not an endorsement of the guy, though the ad probably should have been done a little differently. I don't have all the facts, so take it with a grain of salt."


for unnecessary sarcasm. What I really meant to say is that the TV ad is not the problem here. The question is, based on the fact that the candidate's own website advertises his propensity for warmongering, does C4L support warmongers?

Well I have a problem with the ad and the C4L branding.

I do not support campaigning agaisnt the man but for the issue. The ad calls it ObomaCare with a background image of the POTUS. It feels like its us agaisnt them.

I am for liberty. I am for free market solutions which demands a non-intervention policy by the government.

I am agaisnt more intervention no matter who brings it to the table. I am for reducing the current interventions. None of these seem to be Republican positions. They seem as just as eager to cartelize the medical industry (think rail roads, Federal Reserve, FTC)

Based on that ad I would never vote for Mr. Buck.

Free includes debt-free!

Good point, which I

Good point, which I overlooked. It's almost like C4L is going mainstream.


still nothing from CFL silence akward silence.

what takes them so long to answer -
yesterday even on CFL website I saw so many comments from angry people demanding an explanation.

on RP Forums I read some things about one guy a neo-con member of CFL who is supposed to be really good at fundraising so they keep him and this guy supposedly has political ambitions in...Colorado.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I live in Colorado

For a "fake" ad it sure is being shown a lot here on local Denver Metro television.

I live in Colorado, too

In the Denver Metro area, and I have NEVER seen this ad on television, and I watch television, often! What channel have you seen this on?!

Fox 31

I've seen it several times, maybe on different stations but last night I was watching Fringe and there it was again.


It's not like I never watch that station. I guess they just don't run it while I'm watching.