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Did Campaign For Liberty Give $350,000 to a Neocon?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I don't usually post here, but I am a regular participant at Ron Paul Forums, as well as being relatively active in real life too.

Having said that, I wanted to point out something that has the other forums all a-buzz: It appears that Campaign For Liberty spent $350,000 on a media buy for a Colorado candidate named Ken Buck, who is endorsed by Michelle Malkin and supports the wars in the Middle East.

We're all over there going WTF?




should get you up to date.

We're looking to apply some pressure and we hope some of you will make phone calls to Virginia to make them explain what in the world they were thinking.

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She said it's over and not running any longer.

Just saw it again on tv last night on Fox 31 Denver.


That's what she said, but she also said not to use her name as she was not in charge of PR, and that C4L was going to have statement on the issue soon. I don't know if they have their act together there right now. I would suggest others call the to find out what is going on too and see if you get answers different from what I did.

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Audit the Fed,...

also Audit C4L

The headache continues.

The headache continues.

Still no statement from C4L?

Still no statement from C4L? Just wondering if I missed something.

This youtube user has only

This youtube user has only been a member for about 20 days. I think this is fake.

BTW, if you do a search on this it pulls up several articles, but every link to view the ad goes to the same youtube video.
If this were a legitimate ad I would think you could find it somewhere else besides youtube.

I still think it's weird

I've never seen it air.

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No war / imperialism on the C4L survey

The issue survey C4L has been pushing via postal mail and email has us rate our five top liberty issues to focus, but ending the war or our militarism is never on the list, even though it should be key. I always have to write it in.

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No kidding?

I've always thought the purpose of C4L was to re-educate disgruntled Republicans on the principles of liberty. So far they have done a good job (i.e. the Tea-Partiers), except on the one issue of ending the war and militarism. Will mainstream Republicans ever change their views on American Imperialism? Doubtful. I mean we were attacked on American soil, 3000 dead.

Someone said it best below about the Lamar Smith video, "This clip of Ron Paul clearly says to me that he has his hands tied and this is crap he has to do to keep from getting completely marginalized. Get it?"

Pardon my naivety

Not sure if I spelled that right, but I seriously doubt that C4L has $350,000 to be dropping on any race, much less a candidate most of us have never even heard of and who is a warmonger.

Doesn't make sense.

If C4L has grown to have that type of "pocket change" they can spend, then that's really good, if not great, news.

I'm sure they wouldn't betray our trust.

And I do hope they spend a lot more than $350k on Rand Paul, if that's the case. The last I heard, he's ahead by 10 - 19 points.

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Let's hope...

... that there is a perfectly good explanation for this...?

Having been lied to so many times...

...makes me distrust and jump to conclusions. But I woke up remembering RP only just gave the lone dissenting vote on aid to Haiti. whatever malfeasance has transpired, RP is not involved.

I'm waiting for an explanation

I'm just waiting for an explanation from John Tate or Ron Paul before coming to any conclusion.

We'll have the answer soon, no need to worry.

This is not the kind of news you want to hear.

It's the kind you need to hear.

I guess if we don't like the people running C4L we can go volunteer ourselves or demand they be replaced.

It would probably take a lot of pressure to replace those that have married into the family though. Yes, Jesse Benton still bothers me greatly - it's my intuition.

I agree...

...I have never had a good feeling about Benton. I don't care who he is married to. I suppose this movement has many issues, I thought following a non-interventionist foreign policy was one of them. Seems like the C4L is more like a Tea Party group than a Ron Paul Liberty group.

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Even with Ron Paul as our man we tend to lean republican. Some one sent me this video today. I think it has a great message to all and should go viral. We are all running scare as usual and settling for the lesser of 2 evils or what we think we can get that is possibly better than what we have. Somehow we have to kick it up a notch


That is a good video


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Does anyone know if C4L is

Does anyone know if C4L is putting their name behind Rand? I went to Rand's Senate page and see nothing with C4L on it. Now that seems a bit odd!!! It should be interesting to hear what goes on this weekend in Louisville...

Republicans are generally pro-war where I live

Just a thought, aren't republicans in the rank and file pro-war? So, does that make them all neo-cons? No. It makes them wrong and led by false logic. If this is a solid candidate and an honest man who we mostly agree with, then what is the problem?

Educate the guy if you care this much, or run against him. I know where the arguments are coming from on foreign policy, I make them. But, maybe we ought to stop being purists if we ourselves aren't running.

Last I checked, most people on this board believe they understand liberty better than the candidates running in their areas (definitely speaking for myself, too). We have little to complain about if we are not willing to step up to be the best candidate.

Lot's of quotes come to mind...

What is the problem, you ask? Well...

Whether the term "neo-con" is accurate or not, warmongering is not something typically associated with the liberty movement.

More to the point, promotion of a noninterventionist foreign policy is one of the stated missions of C4L and belief in a noninterventionist foreign policy is one of their stated principles.


So, if C4L is putting its name and/or money behind someone who, according to his own site, is advocating what appears to be warmongering, it is not unreasonable for people to question it, nor is it deserving of the label "purist" for people to do so especially since it is not exactly a minor issue.

point well taken

For C4L. Shame on them. Their bottom down organization is the detriment for the whole movement. And then they do this. Great points.

I still believe that we will never find another Ron Paul in every race, though. So, do we sit on the sidelines and criticize someone's ignorance to an issue?

Lot's of quotes come to mind...

It depends on how important the issue is to you.

The noninterventionist foreign policy is a major plank that distinguishes the liberty movement from the other guys. Warmongering is a dealbreaker for many.

PEOPLE- Don't Jump the gun!!!!

Seriously, this political movement has been the most Honest and Patriotic movement I have ever felt good being a part of.

Yes, the video makes you wonder, but How about giving the Doctor I don't know...through his busy schedule maybe... 48 hours or so to respond before you all get your panties in bunch, damn.

This very well could be a huge setup...After all, CFL supporters know the Rhinos and Neocons HAVE NOTHING TO KNOCK HIM DOWN WITH. All they have had so far is MOCKERY, APATHETIC DISMISSAL, and Offensive Reaction too Debating with Mr.Paul because of THE TRUTH.

Lets not Jump the Gun, I am sure that Ron will have a video with a good explanation as to what this is all about.
And I will tell you, I have not found Ron Paul to lie once yet, and has taught me more about economics, foreign policy, the job of the president, as well as
WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE: Common Sense reason and privilege of a seat in office.

I your willing to let go of Ron over one 1 minute video- You probably never should have gotten on board in the first place.

If this little video got your panties in a bunch, just imagine the videos that will hit tv at the point of a Primary election...

Personally this feels like some shady deal that is Setting UP Ron Paul...so far that is my theory.

RON PAUL has never taken Money From Special Interest.
So, Why would RON PAUL give a guy 350 G's- That is of NO INTEREST???


Maybe some so called "supporters"...Don't.



Possible Explanation

the money was from "new donors" and was earmarked by these "new donors" to only be spent on this candidate/ad...the money did not come from the general pool of donations...these "new donors" is apparently this guy: http://coloradoindependent.com/46727/ken-buck-campaign-ad-st... (Tim Gill)...the candidate apparently answered 19/20 questions right on a c4l candidate survey...though this survey was just a front so no laws were broken with the ad...which is very much an unofficial endorsement...the c4l was used to funnel funds to the candidate ken buck by this Tim Gill figure...a statement will be released today from john tate...

I wish everyone would read that article

It provides more information than anything released by C4L on this issue so far. Even though, as I said below, it's a totally wacky situation involving Jim DeMint, a transgender murder, and an obsessive emphasis on surveys...all without Ken Buck's campaign knowing it happened.

In other words, it invites more questions than it resolves.

Well I sent an email earlier to the MN C4L Chair and still no

I will try to hang in there until later today. Hopefully there will be a response from C4L.

this could be a set up and or worse, it could be an incredible sabotage that has taken place within the organization. Maybe scandalous bribes were made in order to undermine the amazing support that is being drawn to Dr Paul this past year since the primaries.

That creep Bruno was used to try to trap Dr.Paul and implicate him as a pervert in that film. I personally found that repulsive. And look who it was that set that up, his own granddaughter's new husband, Benton.

I think the potential for incredible treachery is certain here. His congressional seat is being surrounded by thugs and minions just salivating to please the syndicate hoping for 'rewards'. Those criminals at the top will stop at nothing to see him taken down. It may backfire on them though.

If this is true, I can see Dr.Paul getting even more support.

Perhaps it is incentive for

Perhaps it is incentive for other candidates to jump on board, as this is a nice ad and could be very useful for a sympathetic candidate. Also, not everyone is going to agree 100% with everyone, so grow up.

Um, sir, did you seriously

Um, sir, did you seriously just hear yourself there?

Why don't people wait and get

Why don't people wait and get the facts instead of crying like little children? My gosh, just be patient.