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Let's Keep This Thing Going...

It is amazing to see this presidential campaign headed in the direction it is in now. I have always had hope that my grandfather would get a chance to share his message with the entire nation. It is happening!

A genuine thanks to all the people out there who are blogging, supporting, meeting-up, and getting excited about this race. One thing my grandfather has said over and over is that it is not about the man, it is about the message and the message is clear: We are tired of having our freedom trampled by an executive who believes We The People are willing to give up our freedom for a little temporary security.

My family is excited and anxious for the Iowa Straw Poll. We also know that this race is just starting to heat up. We are only in the beginning of this marathon, but we have set the pace. Let’s make sure we tell as many people as possible about the race, and the runner.

From Steve Dore to Michael Nystrom to Paul Davis, I have met some wonderful and amazing people who are putting their heart and soul into this election. Thank you to those I have had the pleasure to meet and those out there who I intend to meet.

This rEVOLution is amazing!

Matt Pyeatt

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Your grandfather is so awesome

To see how your grandfather is willing to stand up and be the sole truth-speaker alone is the reason why people should support him. I noticed how so many Republicans looked dead silent after Dr. Paul pointed out the nexus between the trampling of the Second Amendment and easy access to the cockpit by the hijackers. Evidently, the truth that our own government threatens life and liberty is something some people aren't comfortable with, but Dr. Paul tells it like it is, no matter the audience! That takes guts, and it is men like him who are the ones fighting for our liberty.

We owe your grandfather so much for what he is doing. He is the last sane voice in Washington, D.C.

Thanks America!

This could be 8-11 happening!

Touched, from Munich, Germany

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Thanks for the good wishes.

That you are in the city of the White Rose is not lost on me.

The white rose...

...I live 1 minute from Munich-University where they dropped their flyers. The Flyers that killed them.
I passed everyday by the house where one of those students used to live when I was a child.
My country has been bombed to ashes. Supposedly for Freedom. Make Ron Paul win and it was worth it.

My girlfriend is from Hungary. She has lost family in communism. She has started to cry when she watched Ken Schoollands "Philosophy of Liberty" in hungarian.

For the first time in my live there is something I would be prepared to risk my life for. The Ron Paul Revolution.

Thanks Americans.

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Philosophy of Liberty

Here is a link to the short film of which Fabio speaks. I'm sure it will be of interest to the folks who support Dr. Ron Paul. Thanks for mentioning it, Fabio.

Philosophy of Liberty

Here`s a link to it with all the languages available:


I`ve embedded all on europe4ronpaul.blogspot.com

Worth watching!!

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Purple thumb photos!

I just had an idea for the campaign, and this seems as good a place as any to start spreading it.

As a safeguard against Diebold manipulation of the straw poll, RP folks could go around getting those who voted for Ron to pose for a pic with a Ron Paul sign and a purple "thumbs up" to indicate their preference. It would also help to have something identifiable in the background to prove it's in Ames. Count up the photos and you have (apart from RP voters you missed) a minimum value for the number of votes he should have. If that isn't consistent with the official results, the photos are pretty compelling evidence.

whatever happens

whatever happens, this is just the beginning. The other 8 candidates need to squash Ron Paul immediately, hoping to dishearten his followers... whatever happens on Saturday, wake up Sunday ready to Kick some more Behind for Ron Paul.

Don't let them take anything from us, just build on what we've already accomplished!

GO RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Paul's Secret Weapon

.....another great article from Lew Rockwell. Visit his site and help keep it up and running.



Mixed news at best

(Mr.? Dr.?) Rockwell is very likely right, but this isn't a good thing; a new large scale recession with the bad economic policies we have in place would be very bad, and while it might help get Dr. Paul elected, his ability to influence this would be limited at best (the legislative branch will almost certainly be against him in everything).
Look at how glorified FDRs policies have become; if Dr. Paul gets elected based on this, and his policy decisions get blamed for problems which have been coming for decades, it could set back the ideals he's promoting, and which we've been drawn to. From the people who have spun Free Market as corporatism, regulation of middlemen only (and the corresponding shortages) as deregulation, heavily restricted health care systems as open.. the list goes on and on. They're masters of it, and people cannot be familiar enough with all issues to make informed decisions.
Even if we manage to buck the media in getting Dr. Paul elected, they'll remain a force to be reckoned with.. one that can only be nullified by providing reputable, unbiased competition. The Internet has started to provide a venue for this, but as soon as the big players joined the fray, they became the center of online information (cnn.com, nytimes.com, etc.).

President Ron Paul

No question that its going to be tough sledding all the way through the run up to the Primary, plus the election to have a Ron Paul Presidency.
The odds of all this happening are considerable, but the payoff is absolutely necessary to stop our adventures around the world and bring our troops home. The war and the after effects, if you are up to speed on Stiglitz?, who projects a cost to the Iraq war of over a Trillion Dollars and possibly Two Trillion must cease or as Dr. Paul indicates, we could be quickly heading to full bankruptcy.

Certainly the pouring of Billions into the Credit Markets in the last two days, plus some Chinese Financial garus pointing out that any push by our Congress on Tariff's on Chinese goods could lead to softning of our dollar .

Congressman Paul has been talking about these potential firestorms for sometime and the American Voters especially the young people are picking up on this.

We have a wonderful Country and smart leadership with a team surrounding Dr. Paul interested primarily the survival our our country
will be necessary if we are to get through the next eight years .

Good management, love of our country, and flushing out the excesses
can only be done with knowledgable leadership and Dr. Paul happens to have the experience to guide us through this critical period. I believe the grass roots supporters will keep the Congress on track to work with Dr. Paul or risk trying to find a new job.

The Next President

.....will inherit a mess. Dr. Paul is the only candidate who truly understands the Federal Reserve, our monetary policy, and the horrendous impact of the trade deficit.

In 20 short years the world's greatest credit nation became the world's largest debtor nation. The financial/economic crisis can only be masked for so long...I believe it may well become the #1 issue.

It's not a pretty picture...but it looks like it is our reality. Little can be done about the "bought" media...big media even owns the DOW. Suppose none of us knows what is going to happen...but we have hope. Grasping at straws?
He is our only hope.


Matt - Your grandfather is

Matt -
Your grandfather is an amazing person..same for you grandmother.

Hope they will get their rest after tomorrow.

Has your grandfather seen the "We the People" ad that will run in tomorrow's Ames Trib?

The trajectory is correct

Most voters won't make up their minds until the last minute. Steady as she goes and keep raising money!

In California, Democrats can't vote in the Republican primary, but they can put up signs for Ron Paul to reach Republicans. If they want to have a peace candidate to hedge their bets, that's the way to go.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Same in New Mexico

Which is why I'm doing what only a few months ago would have been unthinkable -- registering Republican. Actually, I haven't registered or voted since 1988, the last time I voted for Ron Paul, and I haven't been registered Democrat since 1972, I think it was -- I was Peace & Freedom in '76, Citizens' Party in '80, then Libertarian in '84.

Anyway, I remember a Ron Paul slogan from '88, which I've taken to heart: "I'd rather vote for what I want and not get it, than vote for what I don't want and get it." No more "lesser of two evils"; my vote is my responsibility, and I'll cast it (or not) so has to have no regrets.

There is no Democrat who comes anywhere near Ron Paul. There may be one or two who want to end the war, that's about it -- and still they want to perpetuate, even expand, what causes the wars. "War is the health of the State." If you want to limit wars, limit the State, don't feed it.

Also from NM.

I changed my registration a couple months, and just received my new voter registration card yesterday.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you

Matt - Thank you for the update. The amount of support out there is amazing, and I'm proud to be a small part of it. I'm looking forward to the results of the straw poll and to the continuation of the campaign. Like you said, it is a marathon and grand one to be involved in.

Thank you and hope to see you again soon! Like I told Steve Dore, see you at the inauguration!

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

This is great... but!

Nobody would love to see Dr. Paul in the White House than me. Or maybe you and me.

But I neither trust the government, nor those who control the major elections or the media. There are some bad guys running the show, and have been for a long time. Most supporters of Dr. Paul know this and are crossing their fingers that, somehow, Dr. Paul will carry the day; not just in Iowa tomorrow, but well beyond.

If the election turns out badly (and it could) then here's a contigency plan; one which I have posted before: Ron Paul could still be President - of the people.

Given his astonishing broad-based support, and millions of followers who have become active in the political process, Dr, Paul has achieved a towering influence among a large section of the population. These people, and I include myself, could take on the establishment in the form of emails, phone calls to representatives and other forms of activism.

We all saw, to our delight, that the Amnesty Bill died on the floor of Congress. It died because lots of people let their representatives know that - not only was it bad legislation, the representative's re-election was at stake. This was power from the people, from the grassroots, and it worked.

So, in the event that Dr. Paul loses the election to Hillary or Obama, or another pro-war candidate, he could muster the troops to activism as he has done in the past. He asked for money and we sent it. He appeared in Iowa on June 30th and drew more people than the Iowans for Tax Relief forum. He asks, we respond, and in great numbers.

Therefore, with millions of committed, active citizens available to follow his lead and suggestions, much good can be accomplished. He could do this via a weekly YouTube "address to the troops" (us) for example. We all watch YouTube and share his videos.

But I hope he wins the presidency! I hope our Republic is restored to sanity, that our borders are secure and that peace and prosperity once again reign for all of us. But if that is not the case, he can still lead the millions who have stuck with him thus far.

easy way to contact your representatives

One easy way to contact your representatives is to sign up at downsizedc.org. You'll get an e-mail on a regular bases called the Downsizer Dispatch which talks about bills that congress will vote on. DownsizeDC was one of the organizations that helped stop the immigration bill. One of the issues that downsizedc.org is working on is the Read The Bills Act. Find out more at downsizedc.org

The people not only stopped

The people not only stopped the Amnesty Bill but, also, the Dubai port deal. I wish the "people" would pick up the phone more often.

The people not only stopped

The people not only stopped the Amnesty Bill but, also, the Dubai port deal. I wish the "people" would pick up the phone more often.

The virus is spreading!

Go Iowans, go Americans, the world is watching!
We can`t do much from over here (Europe), but we keep our fingers crossed and spread the word.

The Revolution has begun - the Ron Paul rEVOLution Worldwide

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)


Mr. Yeatt, thanks for the update on your blog. I always look forward to your posts. I had the honor of meeting your grandfather and speaking with him last week in Pittsburgh. All political things aside, I would like to say that Dr. Paul is, above all else, a true gentleman.

mlpyeatt's picture

My Grandfather

The thing that most people can't imagine is how down to earth he is. He is truly the citizen - statesman. If he had it his way, he would be at home in Texas but he knows there is so much to fight for! That is why my family is so very willing to share him with the world for the next 8 years...

Matt Pyeatt

Matt Pyeatt

My humble apologies...

...for my sloppiness in misspelling your last name.


Dear A ---- ,

I don't know how you can even spell your own name. It must take lots of practice.


Grateful Dead


Aoxomoxoa is the name of the thrid Grateful Dead studio album.


And how many of us still know that? I have a beautiful big Rick Griffin poster of it. Always wondered what it means, though -- some kind of esoteric spell?


Rick Griffin was hired to do the artwork for the album and he was noted for placing palindromes in his work, such as his character Omo Bob. I'm not sure which of the band members, though I believe it was Phil Lesh, asked Rick to come up with a palindrome for the album title so Rick with collaboration from Robert Hunter came up with the name. So it's just a big, meaningless palindrome.

I had once described my political philosophy as so far to the right that I'm on the left or so far to the left that I'm on the right, so I thought a palindrome fits me.

Thanks for the background.

Thanks for the background. I'm a 60s remnant but not a Deadhead, but I love Griffin's work and have a number of old posters, including my favorite, the peyote Indian. And I'd wondered why you used the name; makes sense.

Not A Deadhead

I'm not a Deadhead either, yet I found Aoxomoxoa and Anthem Of The Sun to be a couple of exceptional albums from The Grateful Dead. I have a very eclectic taste in music, and these two albums suited me just fine.

Sorry to get so far off subject.

no surprize here

none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

I have never doubted that Ron Pauls message could catch on. I only doubted the media's acceptance of the Ron Paul message.
Freedon IS popular. If one can get through to the masses they will be receptive to it. It's natural law.
Fear has controlled us long enough.
I have to go write to the Iowa GOP and remind them of the benefits of being honest. I just don't trust them.
Did I say,

none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Paul Heads and Dead Heads!

I sure hope the Ron Paul Campaign Officials realize how many of us Supporters are OVER 50! And our generation are not all die-hard Dems!