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Operation Perma Church: A Plan that beats Agenda 21


The Federal Reserve System is a debt-based system where the consolidation of wealth ultimate channels towards the issuer of debt through multiple deposit creation.

Observation: The majority of Americans are Religious with the intent on finding spirituality through God (Monotheism). Americans have a qualitative interest in channeling their community support through their religious institutions.

Action 1: Meet up with a local Church, Temple, Masque, or whatever 501(c)3 charitable religious institution you can find via youth groups or leaders themselves.

Action 2: Convince the clergy to take upon eliminating their costs by creating a reserve of gold and silver for the church to finance permaculture projects. This is a time to supply them all with information soas to project your credibility onto faces like Geoff Lawton, Murray Hallam, or Bill Mollison.

Action 3: Start Aquaponics, Food Forests, Animal Husbandry, or any other Permaculture-Oriented project using the reserve fund created under a Church Program for local agriculture projects.

(E.G.:)You could write a letter

"This letter is to inform the Church that there exists an opportunity to save surrounding communities from the ailing economy as many are left hungry and unemployed after the foreclosure crises. This letter is in regards to the practice of Permaculture, a sustainable farming method that can not only support the energy, food, materials, and clean water for the church to function but also provide a surplus to the growing number of homeless and hungry. If we begin to train the clergy on the many permaculture methods of using nature to benefit our lives, we will attract more citizens of faith to our sermons. With an efficient permaculture farm sustained by the clergy the church will be able to use all future proceeds without unnecessary costs to expand the faith through goodwill. Please allow me to demonstrate the success of permaculture through a demonstration requested at your earliest convenience."

Make an appointment. Bring in your presentation.

Use the outline demonstrated in:

Permaculture: A Designers Manual by: Bill Mollison

This book will give you all the insight into building a productive farm in any region of the world. Don’t worry; you can learn all of this and so can the church. Read the book carefully and take notes. If you do this you will have no problem convincing the church.

Broad View:


1.) Setting up forums for speakers on permaculture, study programs for clergy, announcements at bible studies, youth groups, events, and sermons.

2.) Survey and Plan: Survey land with best potential, plan zoning analysis all outlined in the book.

3.) Scheduling: Observe and maintain throughout all phases.

The most important thing is to convince the church that permaculture works, after that all else follows and you won’t be alone on your mission.


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Nice blue print for stopping land abuse.

I mean, here's a way to bring community together with a safety net of food and enjoyment of farming.

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

Bump for Brilliance

I proposed this to a church, I called it the Ghetto Appleseed Project.. no luck but I havent given up.

This needs to go viral, this needs to be made into a youtube vid.

check this out.. Homegrown Revolution
>> http://youtube.com/v/mCPEBM5ol0Q
(taking a step backwards can be progress)

Forget The Press, Watch Meet The Truth
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I think it's a fine idea.

I have suggested to people in various groups, including churches, that they could benefit from forming co-ops and working to grow foods, and make items that can be available to the people in their co-ops right now.

By beginning the process, they can hone their skills and methods now, so that when it really gets tough, they will have a working system that doesn't rely on the current infrastructure(or at least not as much).

They can work toward complete autonomy in their co-ops, and when the SHTF, they will have a running start at being self-sufficient within their own economic communities.

Unfortunately, nobody seems interested in this, because it means they might have to do some work.
I get alot of "that's a good idea", but it always falls flat from nobody followin thru.

However, if there are groups out there that begin doing stuff like this, it will go better for them when things get really bad.
Getting people to actually do this is the hard part.
Many people just don't take things seriously enough, and rely on hope that things will just get better and they won't need to do it.

With permaculture people will not have to work

The whole point of permaculture is to let nature work for you. After the farm is set in place minimal to no work is necessary to maintain the farm, it is completely different than monocultures.

All you need is to educate the clergy... we spend most of our time educating people on here so why not at the church?

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.


I wish you would have provided a link. On the surface, I have no problem with this idea...BUT...a non-denominational church would best fit "my needs". I respect all religions, but don't want someone else's beliefs shoved down my throat--I have my own beliefs.
Is this idea to be circulated to ALL churches or just certain churches, or don't you know? Again, I wish you would have provided a link.

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I am not Christian but I will do this in a Christian Church

Not everyone is out to impose. There is no link because this is the first time anybody has every came up with this idea.

however if you do not know about permaculture here you go:


A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.