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Rick Perry's North American Highway

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the project stops at TX boarder

NAFTA Superhighway stops here,' says Okla. senator
Trans-Texas Corridor needs to make 'Texas turnaround' at state border
Kansas lawmaker opposes Super Corridor and NAFTA
TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas Rep. Judy Morrison of Shawnee wants the Congress to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement and oppose a NAFTA “super highway” along I-35.
She is asking the Kansas Legislature to go on record opposing them by passing a resolution she introduced. A hearing on that legislation was held today.
She said powerful financial interests are working to create a new super highway and trade corridor from Mexico to Canada through several states, including Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

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Bump for truth

Believe it!

The name is now: "Ports-to-Plains."

It is still the TTC.



This is an area where unions can be allies

CLEARLY this is an effort to do an end run around the longshoreman's unions in the U.S. by importing to cheap Mexican ports and having Mexican labor truck the goods into the central U.S.

Why do these politicians seems to always want to undercut the American working people?


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Bump for Medina

Bump for Medina

Yes sir!

Yes sir!

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels