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Tim Geithner has given us the ammunition needed

Tim Geithner while under a righteous attack by Congresswoman Kaptur, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGczVEWKgl8, had stated numerously to the good congresswoman "It's a matter of public record".

Damn straight it is a matter of public records;

What connections exist between the Fed, Goldman Sachs and:

1) President Obama's administration
2) United State's members of Congress
3) United State's members of the Senate
4) Ben Bernake
5) Volkner
6) 2012 potential president's politicians, specifically Mitt Romney or any other candidate who may challenge a Liberty minded candidate.
7) CFR

The Problem is that the average person on the street has not had the opportunity to connect the dots

Lets go patriots, where are the websites, and U-tube videos that will spell this out to the American people.

This is the platform to rid the congress of the men and women who are committing economic treason. Anyone associated with Goldman, the Fed the US Government needs to be exposed and use that as a rally point for 2010 and 2012. If you had your hand in that pot, you are guilty or at least need to be looked at closely. The gig is up as they say....

Peace and Truth. A rarity in today's world.

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Link to a must

Link to a must read:
If you really want to know what the criminals at GS have been and are currently up to, take the time to read it. It's not sound bites or youtube BS, it's a first-hand account of how these criminals that make up "the club" have taken over government. After you learn about all the rigged games that they have run, it's no surprise to learn that their next scam is centered around global warming.

Great stuff


E Pluribus Unum

While he tried to downplay

While he tried to downplay the significance of her questioning, by saying, "it's on the public record", many people probably have not seen the public record or know who these people are and likely represent. Kaptur was bringing attention to it so people could connect the dots for themselves. It was great how she would not let him elaborate on his answers. Unfortunately, he was allowed to elaborate at the end of her questioning. He sure was defensive.


If the public record became clear to the voter in a simple manner, there would be outrage for many and a way to knock out the bad and move forward the good.

The truth will set us free, if we are able to get it out there correctly. We are just the people to do it. The web, social networking and You-Tube is the fast way to get it out to create a game changing shift.

Who has the skills?

On that note there was a great Larry king and Mitt Romeny U-tube video that shows the connection between Romney and the banks to the tune of Pink Floyd's song "Money". Perfect example of what we should be doing. Unfortunately it has been taken down from U-Tube. Does anyone have it downloaded. Powerful video.


E Pluribus Unum

Hear! Hear! right on the

Hear! Hear! right on the money!!!!