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We Can Have Zero Unemployment, Virtually Overnight

"it is not a lack of work to be done. It is too expensive to pay for the work to be done. So ask yourself, what are those things that prevent deals from being made?" Lew Rockwell explains How To Fix the Job Problem:


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... proves the point. Zero public debt!

Plano TX

I believe Lew is correct. If

I believe Lew is correct. If we took down the governmental barriers to creating jobs then there would be more employers willing to invest their money in to new employees.

No employer will create jobs for charity. It doesn't work that way. There must be a profit motive, otherwise in the long-term the capital will be gone and so will the jobs that it created while the capital lasted.


There you go. If we could keep everyone very poor

they won't ask for much after a generation or two.

If we legalized Herb and Hemp there would be huge reductions

If we legalized Herb and Hemp there would be huge reductions in unemployment.. as well as a general better well-being of society.

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I'm afraid LEW is wrong on this one

It is the inequity of distribution of the wealth that has stifled the economy, and always does stifle any economy ..The people controlling the wealth have created for themselves positions & placements to store up funds & assets that do not get the chance to circulate within the economy..The elite have skewed financial circulation to the point of, too many assets for the rich , which leaves possible self determination folks without funds to spend & invest.
All the investing is now at the top which lets a big gaping hole in any self determined individual to say , "The hell with it".
Think about your own work wage ..A man is worthy of his hire..When businesses cut wages they take funds out of circulation & place them into some form of asset for the business or personal investment that does not move a product or produce reasonable labor benefits to another..Remember Labor is the ONLY true wealth, that moves an object from one place to another..Labor is a wealth of profit possibilities..
Lost or less wages produce financial uncirculation ,which means the loss of something profitable to the human existance..Providing for & meeting the need of a human is the only thing that creates a true profit ..This is why it is called PROFIT..Governments can spend money on projects & create jobs , but these jobs & project are only part of overhead, it is only temporary circulation..They do not produce a direct profit, which profit can build upon itself..Wages are the distribution of wealth & the wages have been declining in the USA since we have addopted socialist practices from foreign influence..Foreign companies now own & operate or influence a large portion of the US businesses..They do not promote Capitalistic theories..Thier system does not work very well, as we are witnessing..
When wealth & profit are shared , everyone benefits, money circulates..No one hoards the monies from ciculation & an ecomomy can grow continualy..Greedy hording types have stagnated our economy..Obama wants to spread the wealth while creating a system that will stifle financial circulation..This is the UNcapitalistic system, everyone taunts..It does not work & you could say it literally..Governments get to dictate at the expense of spreading the circulation of printed monies..A few get to control the wealth while the rest of the population begs for existance..
I will not go into godly principles which promote sharing because the principles of growth & economics is the same..Some people have it all but they could do so much better if they obeyed certain basic principles..Everyone could be wealthy, which intimides the few ..
There is ONE agenda that rules over mankind since he declaired: "I will assend to the most high"..

It is the inequity of

It is the inequity of distribution of the wealth that has stifled the economy, and always does stifle any economy ..The people controlling the wealth have created for themselves positions &

redistrubute the wealth?? you sound like obombya and every other communist walking on the planet.. that is a joke. You don't have a clue.

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People "horde" money in

People "horde" money in banks, which lowers interest rates and helps people get loans in a free economy.

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he is right on the principle

he is right on the principle of what to do to decrease unemployment, but unemployment will never be virtually 0 even in a perfectly free market.

Ventura 2012

There is one he forgot on the list

The ones on unemployment that are sitting on the couch waiting for someone to knock their door down to beg them to come work for them for one dollar an hour more than everyone else is working for.

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