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Bilderberg (OPRAH? WTF?) Group's Depopulation Plans Exposed!


The Bilderberg group and their secret and not so secret meetings have all had one main objective - how to reduce the number of people on the planet. These New World Order elitist scumbags are dictating who has the right to live and who doesn't.

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And good ol' Bill Gates is determined

to help out by "vaccinating" a few
million more overseas. Wudda guy,ay ?

Now add this to the Mix

I didn't know snakes smiled? did you?

I found this on YAHOO this afternoon... Interesting, this is probably how they plan on doing it. But who knows? it could just be another crazy conspiracy theory...You know how us crazy conspiracy theorists are..



and many others are anti-vaccination, with good cause. Anyway, thanks for that interesting link. I would only change one word in this excerpt:

"...An additional two million deaths in children under five years could be prevented by 2015 through widespread use of new vaccines and a 10 percent increase in global vaccination coverage," said Chan..."

I would change the word prevented to caused--then the statement would be true, imo...
Thanks to the OP for sharing, too.

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First off, if the meeting is known

Then it isn't secret. Second, if it was so discrete How does Hal know what they said ? Third, capping a population does not necessarily mean choosing who lives and who dies, it means who reproduces, and how much they reproduce. If every couple would have only two kids, population growth is below zero. Look at china for example.

Basically, he has no clue what these people are doing, and he is stirring fear to try to get donations, readers, book sales, etc.

Now that said, don't think for a moment that I believe the Bilderbergs are benign, I just don't think that they are that concerned with population reduction.

I would gently disagree...

With the Bilderberg Group not being concerned with population reduction.

Lookup the ties between them and the American Eugenics movement. Then look at how many Bilderberg members are also pushing the Eugenics agenda... down to US foriegn policy.

Check out the Population Council... do some homework.

One of the reasons the Bilderberg group got together in the first place was to make a better debtor.

Population control is a big part of that... ask Kissenger or Rockerfeller or even Ted Turner.

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I know the Eugenics ties

But to me these have to do with managing those of us that are not part of the elite - as you say making better debtors ( i.e slaves).

It is also true that people talk about the environmental impact of large populations. There is no doubt that there is alot of truth in the idea that larger populations have greater environmental impact. If the population grows faster than the carrying capacity of the earth then there will be a problem - that's just natural, like having too many Deer in the forest. But just because someone believes a smaller population would be better, doesn't mean that they are planning to force depopulation.

Basically, I would agree that they want us all to get with their program - that is consume alot, don't think too much, don't cause any trouble, don't have too many kids, listen to authority, etc - the good debtor you mention.

But, the idea that they have been planning genocide just doesn't make sense, and there is no real evidence for it. By real evidence, I mean actions, the world population is growing pretty rapidly - if someone is trying to reduce it, they are failing.

Thanks, good video


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Even though I've known

about these inhumans and their goals
for some time I still shake my head
in disbelief and spit on the ground with disgust.

Excellent that this is from WND

Another quasi mainstream publication. Many of my brainwashed neo-con family members read WND every day.

WOW, what a hopeful morning!

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Bloomberg article on the banking Cabal and now this wow*))

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Opps - they may have accidently depopulated one of their own by


Herman Rockefeller missing!!!

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hey that is Hal Lindsey of

hey that is Hal Lindsey of the Late Great Planet Earth fame....in general, not just this clip, he's got some stuff right and some stuff way wrong

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