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Winter Storm Wallops midwest, from New Mexico to North Carolina : How about that global warming

OKLAHOMA CITY (Jan. 29) -- A storm that toppled power lines, shut down major highways and buried parts of the southern Plains in heavy ice and snow began moving into the South early Friday, leaving tens of thousands of people in the dark -- possibly for several more days.

Winter storm warnings were in effect from New Mexico to North Carolina after about 13 inches of snow fell Thursday in the northern Texas Panhandle, where Interstate 40 was closed from the Texas-Oklahoma line to New Mexico.

Heavy ice brought down electrical lines and trees limbs, knocking out lights and heat to more than 132,000 homes and businesses in Oklahoma, mostly in the southwest, according to local utilities.

"In some places, as far you can see there are hundreds of utility poles on the ground," said Andrea Chancellor, spokeswoman for Public Service Company of Oklahoma. She said it could be five days before electricity is restored to all customers.

The snow, sleet and freezing rain were expected to crawl east through Friday. In Arkansas, as much as 10 inches of snow could fall near the Missouri border, northern parts of central Tennessee could see up to 8 inches, and western North Carolina could get hit with a foot of snow, according to the National Weather Service.

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I'm in the tidewater area of

I'm in the tidewater area of Virginia and we are expecting up to 10 inches!!

HAARP, definately HAARP



These Maniacs

are creating a global weather monster that noone will be able to control. Madness!