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Poll: Do you think red light cameras violate your rights

Red Light Cameras Poll. 2nd article on right

Do you think red light cameras violate your fifth and sixth amendment rights? updated 11:23 central
Yes, but I don't feel I can do anything about it
(486, 30.4%)
Yes, and I'm outspoken about it (230, 14.4%)
No, I think they help keep traffic under control
(724, 45.3%)
No, Highway Patrol officers need the help (157,9.8%)

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They should be inadmissible

in court because there is no standardisation of signal lights.The standard for the length of a yellow light is the same as it was when they invented traffic lights.
It is always set at 4 seconds,this standard was set when the max speed limit in towns was 25 Mph.I have seen 4 second yellows in a 55 Mph zone,At this speed it is a safety hazard to try and stop that fast.If anything a very good test of your anti lock brake system.

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The problem is the poll

There are 45% of Americans who accept the idea that the gov't is master and the citizen is slave. Constitutionally, they are illegal; morally, they are unacceptable; and socially, they are oppressive and a financial burden that is an insult to a free people.

A Machine in place of an Officer of the Courts is the problem

This is a precedent we don't want to follow

I believe that if you are to be charged by the powers that be, then we must require a sworn officer of the courts to testify against you. If we rely upon machines to determine the qualifications of justice - then we have gone done a very slippery slope.

Every Intersection Is a Judgement Call

If you haven't run a red light, you haven't driven very much at all. Society gains nothing by giving tickets for accidental or occasional miscalculations.

I wouldn't mind if my insurance company sent me a photo of myself or my teenager or other person on my policy letting me know that one of us had run a red light. I wouldn't mind if, after this happened too frequently, the insurance company dropped me or raised my rates.

But I don't think it's a crime unless I do it on purpose, or am knowingly reckless. I'm not "learning my lesson" by having to pay, if it's a statistical rare occurance.

Speeding is more likely to be done willfully and in disregard of the safety of others. Of course, I should be held liable if someone else is injured.

I don't wash my windshield.

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There was an incident

...6-7 years ago where a guy was caught speeding by traffic camera. He was mailed a ticket, along with the picture, which was retrieved from the mail box by the his wife. The picture showed the passenger to be the driver's mistress, which (ultimately) led to the driver/his wife getting a divorce. The driver sued the city over the picture (and the results threreof) and won his case.

Moral of the story: always keep a mistress in the car with you for legal ammo to fight traffic cameras in court. :-)

37 tickets

I'm sure you heard about the driver who got 37 tickets for running a red light but has refused to pay them. Maybe I saw this story on dailypaul, not sure.

He refused to pay them because the photo of him showed a guy in a monkey mask and there was no way the court could say it was him based on the photos.

Story here: http://www.asylum.co.uk/2009/09/09/driver-wears-monkey-mask-...

I'm sure he did this on purpose to prove a point....without putting others in danger, not just barreling through red lights every day. At least I hope, ha...

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Whether they violate rights

Whether they violate rights or not, studies have shown that they do nothing to improve safety on the road. They are just an easy cash grab by broke municipalities looking for extra sources of revenue.

i grew up in russellville,

i grew up in russellville, arkansas. thanks for posting.

We (Green Bay) haven't had in

We (Green Bay) haven't had any snow in 3 weeks, but it was 7 below zero this morning, brrrrrr.

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The part

where a private company sends me a photo of myself and says they won't turn me in if I send them money is blackmail. Does blackmail violate my rights?

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Regardless of the state of

Regardless of the state of emergency
i live in NC AR and right now where better off than last year when we had a ice storm that the electric company said was the equivalent of a lvl3 hurricane to the electric grid and i believe them. we had ppl out of power for over a month in places. that being sayed this one isent as bad, it alot more snow, and many of you might laugh at what im about to so and i understand that, but we could get 12" snow that's more snow than ive seen here since the 70s or early 80s i thing, and our state road dept is not equipped to handle this much weather (i admit grudgingly they do manage ok on smaller amount ) so weather (heheh) ,or not i like Bebee, i do think his move has merit, there could be elderly and less well equipped people who could very much use the help (while my small town tend to take care and check on each other, larger places aren't so lucky

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I'm in southern MO

Its snowing, Its been snow lightly since last night. I'm getting ready to go out and put the blade on the tractor.
We've mainly have been having Ice for the last few seasons.