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RT: Russian 5th Gen PAK FA T-50 fighter makes first ever flight

A new era for Russia's airforce has begun with the successful flight of a state-of-the art fighter jet. Prime Minister Putin said the first T-50s which is now at its final stage of testing will enter service in three years. And within a decade, as the manufacturer says, one in three fighter jets in the world could be this new aircraft
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looks like the f-22 from Lockheed.

Mmmm do you think plans crossed borders with oh so slight changes? Do you think they are still playing both citizens on each side of the ocean against eachother?

Don't think it... you'll see the the man behind the curtain.

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to me it looks more like the F-16 & F-18

The only difference between the F-16 & F-18 are the powerplants and the setting of the vertical stabilizers.