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NY Times: BinLaden says US is criminal for not stopping ClimateChange, dump dollar.

Whomever is behind the Bin Laden tapes is trying to manipulate Climate Change hysteria for economic advantage. Hmmm...

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I am still chuckling over this

I posted it way early this morning as "bin Laden is now pimping for global warming." Sorry, I still like my title better, but any way you slice it. it is funny. The fact that so many people will shake in their boots is not funny, but there reaches a point where it is so ridiculous, one simply must laugh. This found that line and went catapulting way, way past it.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

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Sorry I missed your post (in California

I get a late morning start) I am hoping people will begin to see the utter cynicism of the manipulators. When they go so far over the top, it could backlash. I haven't been hearing much from Gore recently.

Hello Boobus, HELLO!!! Do you

Hello Boobus, HELLO!!! Do you get it yet???

Uh oh. Maybe the Ruling Class is going to crash the dollar

and blame it on the terrorists AND global warming. How convenient for them to have these scapegoats and excuses which double as propaganda selling-points.

So, when the dollar crashes, they can simultaneously say, "Well, if we just committed to a global carbon tax maybe we wouldn't have had this problem," AND, "We have to rev up the War on Terror!" (or whatever it's called now.)

Bin Laden is dead and it looks like they're setting up an alibi for something. Just my theory.

What a shocker, huh?

I mean, why not?

As long as they are trying to pass off this charade of Bin Laden, why not attach some opportunistic subjects onto it, so that they can try to call people "terrorists" for opposing the "global warming" agenda.

It's getting near hysterical now.
These idiots running this fake "Bin Laden Show" don't seem to even care about seeming to be "believable" anymore.
They are just going to go for broke to see how much mileage they can get from their "dog and pony show" that they've constructed.

Not quite

"so that they can try to call people "terrorists" for opposing the "global warming" agenda."

This piece would imply the global warmists are the ones in league with the terrorists.

It is an interesting little operation going here, but one that is quite funny when you strip out the potential seriousness of crazy people doing evil things.

All the nonsense will come crashing down soon though.

Castles made on sand will not stand.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

I agree.

Looks to me like nothing more than the beginning of remolding public opinion.

Let me see... who is against climate change and the current currency...

That would be a lot of Tea Party people snd independents.

Who, in 6 months of articles like this, will be terrorists. Or worse yet, COULD be.

Let's see where this goes.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~