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Censorship? Local paper rejects our display ad!

So our local paper said they won't print our advertisement. I guess they don't like the movie. Well it just gets more better then. If ya havent seen the new version check it out 171 of you guys watched already. Here was the ad text.

Handcuffed During Sermon Pastor Files letter of Intent to Sue Norwalk Police!
An Outrage!
On Sept 7th 2008 Norwalk Police disrupted our Sunday worship service and arrested our Pastor!
• Did Police alter witness statements?
• Did Chief Rilling hold secret meetings with Democrat party leader Galen Wells?
• Was Congressman Himes involved?
• Why was our radio station Vandalized?
• Will Mr. Blumenthal investigate?
• Why do we have to Pay to print this?
• We Demand an Public Apology from the Chief!
Watch Our Video at

Here is the link

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A privately owned newspaper

A privately owned newspaper has a right to reject adverting that the owner or publisher believes in false, or in poor taste. While I can't comment on the ad since I haven't seen it, the newspaper has a right to reject it, just as we have a right to not purchase the paper.

As an aside, if you want to see Dick Blumenthal, just let him know that someone has a camera. He's sure to show up.

Well, as a liberty person...

The paper can do anything they want if they are privately owned. Sorry - just thought I would point it out.

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I know your right but just watch

I can be a dirty dog. I will call them out.
The reason?
They printed this nasty libel letter to the editor after they reported my arrest. I wrote a reply that they refused to publish. Again nothing bad just a reply. Oh well on I go.

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I hope

this works out well for you; please keep "us" updated.
Your www.CCNORWALK.com link does not work, btw...


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Just fixed it forgot the .

I put it in a larger paper 1 town over. About 30k subsciptions. Cost like 550.00 3 days next week. Gonna try to make mobil version. My count was frozen for a bit. Thanks again for all your help.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

What is that newspaper's

What is that newspaper's circulation and how much were they going to charge you for the ad? Maybe some of us can suggest alternatives.



Since your church is non profit,it may be a loophole in any ordinance regulating the passing of hand bills to this effect.Just something to look at,the word could spread far and wide,be sure and put on the bills that they refused to post ad and they may at this point become your best friend.

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good luck to you,