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Treasury Auctions and Strong Dollar Ahead

Lots of treasury auctions scheduled in the next two weeks, so I expect the dollar to miraculously keep looking strong so they sell.


We'll see if gold bounces up after the Feb 2nd auction ends, but goes down again before the following week's auctions begin Feb 8th. (Update: Forget the bounce up, they scheduled another auction for Wednesday, Feb 3)

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How depressing.

Our great-great-grandkids are buying most of them at this point...

They really need to stop this at some point. Hell, I don't think a correction is even possible now.

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Only 20% of treasuries were

Only 20% of treasuries were sold in 2009, the Fed purchased the other 80%. That pretty much means that the market did not want 80% of our treasuries, afaik.

I wonder if treasury sales will do better or worse this time around.