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Off-Topic, Haiti Benefit Concert.

The great high schoolers of Gardner, MA organized a Haiti earthquake relief fund concert for the benefit of the earthquake victims. My son participated of which I am extremely proud.

Dr. John Mulqueen of Gardner, MA has been visiting Haiti for the last decade. I went to school with his younger sister Patricia, 1982 class.

Dr. Mulqueen is trying to gather funds to build a Health Clinic in Haiti.

After the earthquake, he went down to help for a week or so, but just after coming back, he arrived at the charity concert to thank the audience. His wife, also a health care professional went down to Haiti while John returned to the U.S.


The high schoolers of Gardner, Ma, and surrounding communities got together for a charity concert to raise money for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. Money raised will go to Dr. Mulqueen of Gardner, MA who has for YEARS has been travelling to Haiti, to give these poor people health care. He is now trying to build a Health Clinic in Haiti. I am so proud of my community. My son plays the red guitar to the left of the singer. The singer, tried out for American Idol, but had a cold on the day of her audition. The drummer is my son's best friend and drove the audience participation.




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And I pray,

Oh my God do I pray.

I pray ever single day.



That's cool

It would be nice to get a teaching hospital in Haiti. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported that Haiti only graduates 80 new doctors a year. That number is paltry on its own, but it's probably going to get worse.

Defend Liberty!

I'll bump this...

give to a private charity that has established a reputation that the funds will go to the PEOPLE and not the corrupt government of Haiti or to the US military occupation.

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd


Charity starts locally, with global intentions in mind.

Nobody "deserves" anything which they can't obtain for themselves, but we who can obtain things, can decide to give donations for humanitarian reasons to those who need help.

Proud father, talented son. Caring community.


As a side note, yesterday I woke up and ventured out on my usual Saturday trip to New Hampshire to buy cigarettes(so much cheaper).

And as I travelled through the center of town, I saw six people standing in the road in 2 degree cold, with the wind whipping, collecting money for the victims of Haiti. I gave them 4 dollars and told them they were doing a great job. Now, 4 dollars ain't that much, but what if everyone gave 4 dollars?


I thought it was great,

and I'm not afraid to bump.