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An old rant .. on occasion of hard to find books

This used to be on the "WakeUpFromYourSlumber" blog

Eustace Mullins' case shows the problem:
Mr. Mullins was about the only conspiracy writer/bookseller who set foot and spent time in the library. All those booksellers of the past 50 years who blab about Jekyll Island and the Federal Reserve are living and making money off Eustace Mullins' work. Stupid dumb animals idolize, and sent money to people who learned everything they know about the money power from Mullins, but nothing to Mr. Mullins who did the actual work. Not to mention the even more outrageous case of:

“ 'H.S. Kenan' was the pen name of one of the nation's most notorious plagiarists, who reprinted the text of my book, 'The Federal Reserve Conspiracy' under that name, and made one million dollars during years of active promotion of this stolen book.”

The whole conspiracy “movement”/industry is “lead” by liars and thieves, and populated by stupid dumb animals (a.k.a. home-grown white sludge). Stupid dumb animals made rich men out of plagiarists, scoundrels, thieves, liars, and all around scumbags; but regarded not, respected not the one who did the work.

Please download and listen and learn what happens to 'patriotic' etc. organizations and why they never get anywhere:

90% of the 20th century conspiracy literature is plagiarism, shamelessly and uncritically stealing and regurgitating from one an other. The good books on conspiracy were written by non-conspiracists, actual researchers who were not afraid to go inside the library, and were willing to work (Fay, Pearson, Pakenham) Even Mr. Mullins went back only as far as 1907, as if it all started with the 1907 money panic.
Not one of the 20th century conspiracy booksellers knows anything about the Greenback Party, its two election campaigns, Peter Cooper, Weaver, Berkey, Emery, Donnelly, the “Anti-Monopolist” and the 20 year war with the money power after 1865. And they know even less about what went on in the Congress in the 1830s.

In the 21st century we may see with our own eyes that people who are only in it for the money are the cream, (mis)leaders, upper crust, and idols of the discontented, who are alway looking for cheer-leaders. (the millions of 911, illuminati, conspiracy books, tapes, DVDs sold without any result, except making some low-lifes rich)

The books and the Congressional Record (of 1908, 1913, 1857, the 1860s-70s, 1830s http://www.yamaguchy.com/library/uregina/speeches.html) are all there in the library, for anyone to read free-of-charge. But no, the stupid dumb animals rather send money to some book-selling windbag than go inside the library. They rather die than think, rather march off to world war I, “raw, raw, raw” “U.S.A., U.S.A.” -- to be offered up as blood sacrifice, for that is all they are good for. When August Lindbergh spoke up against WWI, goons wanted to tar and feather him.

In WW2 also, “raw, raw, raw, U.S.A., raw, raw, raw Empire, damn the japanese, damn the germans”, whilst the real enemies were in Washington and London, not in Tokyo or Berlin. British and american fly-goons are still proud of their incinerating of women and children.

Conspiracy writers, wind-bags, loud-mouths wouldn't tell the stupid dumb animals that State rights have been dead ever since Andrew Jackson sent federal troops against a member State to enforce the will of the central government; that the United States (union of sovereign States for common defense, mutual benefit and self government) have been burried since April 1865. There is no money in that; there is no money in telling the people that you may kick a dead horse, but you can never bring it back. There is no money in telling the dumb animals that throughout its existence the United States (for which Thomas Jefferson composed the declaration of independence) had only one enemy: the United Kingdom; and evil empire UK destroyed the United States (of T.J. http://www.yamaguchy.com/library/jefferson/1814b.html)

There is no money in telling the dumb animals that through election you will never get a good government (for the people, by the people); you will never “throw the rascals out”. In the 20th century there were how many elections ? And every time you got a worse government. As they say, one of the symptoms of mental illness when you keep repeating the same process, but expecting a different outcome.

At the same time the NWO is chugging along just fine. The marxists are not looking for soapbox, limelight, popularity, money. They work quietly, diligently, in a well-managed and disciplined organization. Whereas these headless chickens of the anti-NWO movement (for lack of better term) run around (and have been running around for 150 years) “buy this book”, “read that video”, “send money here and there”, “write to or call so and so”. Idiots ! They don't even know left from right, up from down – tragy-comic.

There is an indian legend according to which long time ago, long before Columbus,there were whites in what is today America. The indians fought against them and exterminated them. The final group of white survivors escaped into a cave. The indians couldn't fight them there, so they built a large fire at the opening and smoked and fryed them.
So meditate on your future while mexicans and others infest your country; while marxists can march a million illegal aliens up and down the streets; while Peroutka or Phillips can't even get mail-in votes

yamaguchy incorporated
the source of your finagled wisdom and knowledge

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Good News! Yamaguchy is BACK!

Great news for those interested in actual history - Yamaguchy is Back!

Here is the new address-


So far, it appears that only a part of the original library is available but I suspect we will see the number of excellent books increase, hopefully to the impressive library we took for granted.

Thank you Yamaguchy!


END the FED before it ENDS US

What Happened?

As soon as I pointed out that the books, or at least many of them, were available free, all the Yamaguchy admirers dropped the topic and it fell off the list.

Available Elsewhere

I am not sure about the entire Yamaguchy list, but the first title on the new site "A Short History of Paper Money and Banking" by Gouge, is available free on the Mises.org site.

There may be other titles there as well.

This fellow Yamaguchy seems more interested in motives other than disseminating knowledge. Charging $50.00 for an otherwise available book in the public domain seems rather silly.

I would much rather support the Mises Institute.

Available Elsewhere - UPDATE

Went back and checked two other titles on the list, and found them also available free on the Web.

Maybe the exclusivity of the list is overrated.

Of course if you want overpriced hardback copies of out of copyright books, that is your choice.

Interesting read, and very

Interesting read, and very enlightening. My personal mentor, Robert Anton Wilson would be very interested in your points, as they echo similiar sentiments i have heard him share. BUT i think he would have laughed it off and paraphrased Burroughs and said '90% of EVERYTHING is plagiarized!'

http://opensourceworld.us - you can change the world

Make every day Spectacular!!

I see you have released your

I see you have released your own book, National Currency, cool. Do you have a site set up for that? If not lets get it up. could set up a Paypal shopping cart to sell it. Would also be cool to get a table of contents, a forward, reviews, summary, chapter 1 available online, and a dicussion board. With of course integration to facebook so people can recommend the book to friends. Even maybe an online payment to get access to read the book online.


National Currency

"National Currency" is one of those MUST read books if you want to better understand money in America. Yamaguchy adds his own notes to help you through the journey.

I have definitely changed my opinion on greenbacks as from the start, they were damaged goods - never lived up to their promise.

One warning, if you are a big Lincoln fan, the book will dim your enthusiasm with a harsh dose of reality.


END the FED before it ENDS US


As note says "National Currency" is the text of debates of the Credit Strenghtening Act -- any one may buy it any day he wants. No there won't be anything available online; except the Congressional Record which is available to any one.
The book is not for the faint hearted, it is for those who already know what they are reading. The purpose of the two volumes (McCulloch's Tramps and National Currency) is to show that there was a definite plan, that Lincoln was no friend, and greenbacks were nothing new. Hopefully down below you read part two of my comment

Yamaguchy, What is the story


What is the story with www.yamaguchy.com? Did you finally decide to take it offline or did the web hosting domain kick you off or a whole combination of reasons? Whatever the reason it is a shame that these books are no longer available.

Anyway the offer still stands if you would like to work together on doing an extensive online library of books that should be read if you want to understand the events that move around us and shape this world that we were born into.

I am currently finishing the work on my new site for my son Ivan, www.inivansname.com. And would be very interested in a new project.

Here is what i am thinking:
1. Indexed searches-
2. Integration with Facebook - for dissemination of materials and spam filtered comments. While I dislike facebook and still have refused to signup, I have no qualms using their tools to spread information, it is the fastest way disseminate info.
3. Wiki style site that has multiple authors and editors to upload books.
4. Integrated blog giving analysis on certain topics with references to the books on the site.
5. Whatever we can think - The only limit is time and desire.

click my handle and contact me if you are ever interested.

korey snodgrass



---happy, now ?! :--;


What actually happened is:
1) as I mentioned several times, the site brought me mainly grief, so I wasn't too motivated to keep it
2) but, at the end of April 2010 I did send Netfirms a money order for the next 12 months (May 18 to May 18)
3) Netfirms acted as if they never got the M.O.; so it was a very good excuse for me to let it expire

Last Summer a few people wrote to me and alleged that somehow I owe it to the illiterate public to provide them these texts; so I prepared and uploaded for printing on Lulu the books I think people should read; thereby making these texts available, no one can complain, -- of course no one will pay the money and read. Please take a look at the list, so as to see what I consider 'must-read'


The books, the text of which I prepared in electronic form, are all in the library -- that is where I produced the text.

I am not opposed to your Wiki-style idea. What text have you got ?

thanks for the tip. I found a

thanks for the tip. I found a backup zip of the site on thepiratebay but only one seeder.

why do i keep getting a http

why do i keep getting a http 404 forbidden?

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

Shame on you

You guys might want to read this article by Dr. Paul, where he denounces racism for what it is – collectivism.


It's funny that someone would promote collectivists like Oliver and Mullins on the Daily Paul. And sad, too. Do you really think Dr. Paul is an anti-Semite like Oliver and Mullins were? Or would promote their writings? No matter how good Mullins' research was on the Fed, he was a seriously flawed human being, and we can find good sources elsewhere without directly or indirectly endorsing the collectivist mentality of anti-Semitism or the White Nationalism of Oliver.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

on the same subject, part two

[This should be posted on one of those greenback forums (like web-of-debt) where they idolize Abe Lincoln, but this forum will just have to do]

About 15 years after his death, started the Lincoln-myth making -- and also the style of conspiracist book-sellers indiscriminately and uncritically plagiarizing and regurgitating other people's work, but mainly of each others' since there wasn't and isn't much actual work around, to steal from. In the 20th century this tale-telling and gas-passing multiplied exponentially: people who never seen the inside of the library, never did any research on the subject, put together books (because there is money in them books) and displayed their ignorance and impressed the village people while making some dough and perpetuating the lie.

Sarah Emery -- who learned much of what she knew about the bankers' conspiracy from B.S. Heath, the grand-daddy of above mentioned book-compiling style -- opened the line and popularized the wishful fantasy perhaps more than anyone else:--

"But the great leader, Lincoln, was not to be baffled; he loved the people better than Shylock, and justice better than oppression. From the constitution he read, 'Congress shall have power to declare war.' Again he read, 'Congress shall have power to coin money.' Then to the world he declared that Congress would coin money, and that the government, at whose head stood the fearless Lincoln, would not submit to the infamous demands of Shylock." --'Seven Financial Conspiracies that Enslaved the Amerikano People'

Painting the picture of the "fearless" champion of the people that he discovered some hidden or forgotten knowledge about printing and spending into circulation Treasury notes; and also that the "great leader" was an opponent of banks and banking (fractional reserve, note-issuing banking). As for Lincoln's reading the Constitution:-- it seems he only heard about it, or paid attention to it when weeks after he, on his own, declared war on the South, Congress reminded him that he had no right. With "a labored and lawyerly vindication of his own course of policy" Lincoln expected that Congress "become but a mere office wherein to register the decrees of the Executive" --the Congress approved

Reality check:--

1) Issuing treasury notes was no secret or forgotten

2) Lincoln was no friend of the people

3) Lincoln was NOT an enemy of Banks

4) Lincoln would have signed the Federal Reserve Act

To support my argument:--

1) Abraham Lincoln was President-elect in December 1860,
and probably paid some attention to what the out-going Congress and President did. And that Congress and President (James Buchanan) issued $10,000,000 Treasury notes in that nick of time. This was NOT something new, or unusual. This was the second issue under Buchanan, and up to that time the US Congress authorized or regulated Treasury notes 80(eighty) times. Lincoln was in politics since the 1830s, so he must have, should have, and actually did know about Treasury notes. In the 1840s at one time $30-some million of Treasury notes were out, which in those days constituted more than one half of the Federal budget. The practice (of issuing Treasury notes) was very well known, very well debated inside Congress and outside of Congress. (Please work up some courage, come over your fears, and dare to go inside the library, and read the Congressional Globe)

An Act to authorize the Issue of Treasury Notes, and for other Purposes. [Approved, December 17, 1860]:--

Section 10. And be it further enacted, That in place of such treasury notes as may have been paid and redeemed, other treasury notes to the same amount may be issued: Provided, That the aggregate sum outstanding under the authority of this act shall at no time exceed the sum of $10,000,00: And provided further, That the power to issue and re-issue treasury notes conferred by this act shall cease and determine on the 1st day of January, in the year 1863.

Which means, that, according to this Act, President Lincoln was authorized to re-issue these Treasury notes in 1861 and in 1862, as fast as they returned to the Treasury. Of course, 10 million is not much to finance a war; so he would have needed to legislate a larger number (and the Act of July 17, 1861, was a re-enactment of the Acts '57 and '60). If Lincoln had needed anybody to learn of the secret, his very own police minister and goon squad leader, Secretary of State Seward, was Senator Seward in '57 (when $20,000,000 of them notes were approved) and participated in the Treasury note debates, and in co-operation with Senator Fessenden added an amendment to the bill.

Within the hearing of Mr. Seward, the mid-wife of the Treasury note bill (Mr. Hunter from Virginia) said in the Senate(Friday, December 18, 1857.):--
"if you adopt such a rate of interest as will keep these notes at par with specie, they will circulate along with specie, having the same value."
To which Mr. Seward replied:--
"I am very happy indeed to find that there is no substantial disagreement between the honorable Senator from Virginia and myself in regard to the questions which have been discussed between us, and that our views of the operation of the bill are precisely alike."

If only, those who painted this picture of Lincoln and Chase sitting around in the gloom room -- "what to do ? what to do ? we have a war to conduct and have no money ! and the (big-bad) bankers want high interest rates and refuse to give coin ?!" "Ah!, to the rescue!, sent by some providence!, a Dick!, or a tailor!, or some Still well, or whoever, to en-licht-en us about this hidden-secret, knowledge of al-Chemy (a.k.a. Kemikal Ali?) of printing Treasury notes by the millions and circulating them as currency; U! Reeka !!" -- have bothered to read something other than just what was plastered on the inside of the out-house door ....

3) 4) On December 26, 1839, (please note the date, there was no boxing day, yet) young Representative Lincoln spoke ("with the forked tongue and crooked counsel of the New York politician") against the Sub-Treasury:--

"Again, as to the contractions and expansions of a National Bank, I need only point to the period intervening between the time that the late Bank got into successful operation and that at which the Government commenced war upon it, to show that during that period, no such contractions or expansions took place. If before, or after that period, derangement occurred in the currency, it proves nothing. The Bank could not be expected to regulate the currency, either before it got into successful operation, or after it was crippled and thrown into death convulsions, by the removal of the deposits from it, and other hostile measures of the Government against it. We do not pretend, that a National Bank can establish and maintain a sound and uniform state of currency in the country, in spite of the National Government; but we do say, that it has established and maintained such a currency, and can do so again, by the aid of that Government; and we further say, that no duty is more imperative on that Government, than the duty it owes the people, of furnishing them a sound and uniform currency."

Mr. corporate lawyer Lincoln was FOR a privately owned --because when he uses the term "National Bank" he means a Biddle bank-like, private institution--, nation-wide, currency-issuing bank, using the credit and indebtedness (bonds) of the Federal government as the foundation of its operations. Mr. Lincoln was all FOR a 3rd Bank o' the U.S., but President Tyler vetoed the idea, twice! So, I dare to say that had he been around and president, Lincoln would have approved the Fed Res Act. Not only that, but in 1863 Pres. Lincoln did have a chance to show his colours in real life, not just in theory, and he did (show his colour); he signed the National Currency Bank "Act to provide a National Currency, secured by a Pledge of United States Stocks," which produced a banking system and currency, based on national indebtedness, and
"secured all the benefits of the old United States Bank ... as if the Bank of the United States had been divided into many parts, and each part endowed with the life, motion, and similitude of the whole, revolving in its own orbit, managed by its own board of directors, attending to the business interests of its own locality; and yet to the bills of each will be given as wide a circulation and as fixed a value as were ever given to those of the Bank of the United States in its palmiest days. ... These institutions all originate among the people in their own localities, and are not created by the Government. The Government simply authorizes the investment of capital in the loans, and the use of the bonds representing the loans as the basis of a sound circulation."

Abraham Lincoln was part and parcel of the Whig group which, after a bloody nose from Andrew Jackson, and a kick in the balls from John Tyler carried on the struggle to turn the United States (for common defence and mutual benefit, for which Thomas Jefferson composed the Declaration of Independence) into a feudal empire, controlled by a financial elite. "For three decades a union of the South and West prevented a restoration of the centralized banking system. Not until the planting statesmen withdrew from Congress, and the storm of the Civil War swept minor gusts before it, were the ravages wrought by Jackson repaired by the directors of affairs in Washington."

2) The quote (from '39) also indicates that Lincoln was no friend of government-issued currency; no friend of the idea of a Government-owned Federal Reserve System, just as he was no friend of the sub-Treasury concept (the idea that the monies of the federal government should be kept in sub-Treasury branches all around the country). He used Treasury notes as the United Kingdom used exchequer notes: as a war measure, and as a way to bail out private banks when they suspended honouring their promises to pay.

United States notes and war debt were means to an end:-- to finance a war and to establish a Government-bond-based, currency-issuing, private banking system. This plan was foretold by Secretary Chase in December 1861, and also, more clearly, in the House of Representatives, on February 3rd 1862 par example: "to create an enormous and endless public debt, to be interwoven with every political, social, and business relation of life; to subjugate the States and the people perpetually to the Federal Government, and therefore never to be extinguished" --Mr. Lincoln did not object, he signed the Act.

An ingenious plan: they wanted to set up a nation-wide, currency-issuing banking system, using government bonds as capital to bank on. To facilitate this plan, the Government had to sell bonds, but, bankers did not want spend coin to buy bonds; so the Government issued legal-tender notes with which to buy bonds (and purposely flooded the country with notes until bonds could be purchased at half price); then individuals used these debt-instruments to set up National Banks (more than 2,000 of them, as opposed to the 1,400 before the war) and issue National Currency. To add injury to insult, the people had to pay interest on these National Currency notes.

In February 1861 the U.S. Federal debt was $69 million (two week's pay from each family could have retired this debt); in February 1866 the Federal debt was $3,000 million ($87 per head, at the time when the trans-continental railway was built for a dollar a ten-hour day). This debt became the foundation of banking institutions and of the currency commonly referred to as US dollar, and has not been paid since, only increased; and Mr. Lincoln would have had no objection


Lincoln's dark side

I am a staunch supporter of government issued money that is free from debt as the only way to save our national sovereignty, independence and republican form of government (rule by law and protected inalienable rights). Lincoln and his greenbacks have been romanced and they have helped rally support to the cause of monetary reform.

You make some troubling points that take some of glitter from Lincoln, for example, U.S. Treasury notes (free from debt) were neither novel nor generally approved of by Lincoln. Greenbacks appear to be an action of necessity to fund a war rather than a long term policy to benefit the people.

The debt free benefits of the greenbacks were diluted when Lincoln agreed to issue bonds as the war progressed. And more importantly, as you note, Lincoln signed the “National Banking Act” of 1863 which was a major step in placing the creation of new money in the hands of the national private banks.

Monetary reform to end debt slavery will not happen as the result of wise and courageous leaders alone; it will only happen when and if people understand why the reforms are part and parcel to our freedom and then demand the change.

History should teach us that and hopefully, it will demonstrate past success.


END the FED before it ENDS US

Lincoln's dark side?

He was dark from tophat to toenail.

There was no silver lining to this eerie man.

Book and bumped

Thanks, for sharing this.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

great books by great men

war is a racket by u.s.m.c general schmedley butler
the international jew/worlds foremost problem by henry ford
pawns in the game by admiral william guy carr

it's all downhill from here !

If yamaguchy is your website,

If yamaguchy is your website, no disrespect intended by creating my wiki.

Your comment:

(the wiki page you refer above simply copied from my site the text I scanned/prepared, and presented it as his own work -- very anoying)

I created the site for several reasons:

1. A secure place to store books that I like to read.
(your site was down for several days so i uploaded hard copied text to my server)
2. To test the MediaWiki application.
3. To read books online as I travel, and I travel constantly.
4. It is much easier to search a book for passages and text when the entire book is on one html page.
5. Also since I am using a wiki application I can allow friends or strangers to upload books of interest.

I appreciate your effort to make these books available, as it has saved me from many boring nights. I usually always link to your site when references a book that I read from it, my mistake. And if you ever need help with an update of your site just contact me by clicking on my user-name and sending a message.

I created the following sites as a little volunteer project

http://www.aprikoskarnor.se/wordpress/ (prototype)

Isaiah Ministry

Woe unto them that join house to house, lay field to field, till no place, that they may be placed alone in the bosom of the earth ! --Isaiah 5:8

Should be on the business card and company logo of every real-estate agent and property developer

Yes, it is my site. Spent 2

Yes, it is my site. Spent 2 and a half years in just one library scanning and preparing text; and at least as much time at home doing the same (50+ books make me world champion, since no one else entered the race). I did not notice any down time, although Netfirms did act a bit stupid in January; but as secure as any other web provider

Very popular what you did; I wish you (and all others) had had the courtesy to drop a line.

My site has recently been blacklisted by Wikipedia; or at least by one sub-human who spent his time removing dozens of links to my site in wikipedia articles, and declared me a spammer, management seems to agree with him.

LC Control No.: 06018798
LCCN Permalink: http://lccn.loc.gov/ 06018798
Type of Material: Book
Personal Name: Drew, John G.
Title: "Our currency: what it is, and what it should be"
Published: New York, S.R. Wells; Philadelphia, H.C. Baird [1874]
Description: 24 p. incl. port. 25 cm.

Author : Drew, John G.
Title : Our currency: what it is, and what it should be
Published: New York, S. R. Wells; Philadelphia, H.C. Baird [1874]
Location : Widener Econ 4618.70.1
Location : Widener Harvard Depository XPC 91 [Consult Circ. Desk for HNS9SY]
Description : 24 p. incl. port. 25 cm.
Subject : Currency question -- United States.
HOLLIS Number : 004671912


Author : Drew, John G.
Title : Political economy for the people.
Our money muss: a history of the greenbacks and five-twenty bonds. With full directions how to start and run national banks, and obtain interest on $50.00 to $100.00 on each dollar invested. Comp. from official sources
Published : New York, H.L. Hinton & co.; Philadelphia, H.C. Baird [1874]
Location : Widener Harvard Depository Econ 4618.74.11 [Consult Circ. Desk for HNU18Q]
Description : 2 p. l., [3]-46 p. 24 cm.
Subject : Currency question -- United States.
Keyword Subject : Money -- United States.
HOLLIS Number : 005241145

Drew, John G.
Political economy for the people. Land, labor and money in history. [Microform]
Elizabeth, N.J., H. Evans [18--]
Description16 p. 23 cm.
Location: SIBL- B.Altman Desk *ZT-627
New York Public Library

Pomeroy, Mark M. (Mark Mills), 1833-1896.
American finance, the errors and want of the United States people in money matters. Necessity for legal tender greenbacks and destruction of bonds.
Chicago, J.J. Spalding & Co., 1877; iv, 160 p. 16mo.
New York Public Library

Pomeroy, Mark M. (Mark Mills), 1833-1896.
Perpetual money ... mistakes of Americans in financial matters
New York, 1892.
2 p. l., 122, [8] p. 19 cm.
Location: SIBL- B.Altman Desk *ZT-283 Microfilm.
New York Public Library,

General A.J. Warner, "Appreciation of Money" (Henry Carey Baird & Co., Publishers, 1877)

Title: The money question: Speech of Col. Henry S. Fitch at Platt's Hall, San Francisco. First grand rally of the National Party of California, April 5th, 1878
Author: Henry Sylvester Fitch
Label: Clough & Farjeon, Book and Job Printers
Type: Unknown Binding
Languages: English(Published), English(Unknown)

Brief Description : Grem, June.
Karl Marx, capitalist. Oak Park, Ill., Enterprise Publications [1972] 126 p. 21 cm.
CALL NUMBER : HG3881 .G724 Copy 1
-- Request in : Jefferson or Adams Bldg General or Area Studies Reading Rms
-- Status : Not Charged
LC Control Number : 72194742
Type of Material : Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)

Overholser, Willis A.
A short review and analysis of the history of money in the United States, with an introduction to the current money problem
Libertyville, Ill. 1936.
Description: 61 p., 1 l. illus. (port.) 23 cm.
Location : SIBL- B.Altman Desk *ZF 1227 Microfilm.
New York Public Library, 2007. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. (MN *ZZ-40629)
---It seems Ezra Pound learned most of what he knew about the money power from this book; name of warden in asylum was also Overholser (perhaps a neice?)

I sent an email several

I sent an email several months ago to your email link concerning some url and linking problems to the first chapter in The World Order, but never received a reply. I assumed you didn't use that email anymore and I didn't know how else to contact you.

But I highly suggest going to wiki style website, it is great for searching multiple books for keywords and tags. Also it would allow multiple authors to upload and edit books. It is much easier if it is a collaborative effort. I also would purchase a domain name and use 'pretty urls' (for example www.yamaguchy.com/Eustace-Mullins/The-World-Order). There are numerous other tricks to improve Search Engine Optimization, such as using Google webmaster tools for indexing your site.

Oh and Wikipedia sucks balls and is only useful if you want to find out what the 'powers that be' want you to know or believe. So it doesn't surprise me if they erased your links.

You might be interested in a new post I started, Can We All Agree On Open Competition Of Currencies.


I check the e-mail (at the bottom of the front page) almost daily. In the meantime corrected the mis-link in The World Order.

I am not planning to do anything more with the site -- even stopped uploading e-text that I prepare; in 12 years the site gave me no joy, and certainly a lot of grief in the past 7; if I could start over, would not make a web-site

I just wish (and thought in my naive mind that this is the norm) that people who download from my site and than upload it on theirs would make a note that the text was simply copied from yamaguchy.incorporated, and was originally prepared there; and the legwork in the library was also done by my 3 fellow travellers and I.

I read your Can we all agree post yesterday ... let's just say I am not as enthusiastic and bushy eyed as some of you


Carbon credit scam, and perhaps NWO world currency. Albert in-the-ballance Gore

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My site is not really live,

My site is not really live, really just a test and for personal use. But I have added the links to your site just in case people stumble on it. The link on DP to The Babylonian Woe was due to laziness on my part.

If you ever decide it is not worth the trouble hosting the site anymore please give everyone adequate time to copy the books so they can remain available online.

I am quite aware of the Carbon Currency (see the following comment). There is absolute zero chance I will ever use a currency whose atomic composition is 6 neutrons, 6 electrons, and 6 protons, but I do believe it is the currency of the New World Order. This is one of the main reasons I support Open Competition of Currency cause if we do not end the monopoly now I am pretty sure Money Power will replace the paper fiat with carbon and force it on us.

Please keep yamaguchy going!

It's a fantastic resource that is greatly needed

END the FED before it ENDS US

Thanks, that is a great site!

Good source for info...

END the FED before it ENDS US

interesting website


"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Excellent Post!

There is no doubt that much of the information on the history of the private Federal Reserve comes courtesy of Eustace Mullins.

Ellen Brown, Web of Debt, has added a a great deal of details but most books showcase Mullins work.

I was glad you mentioned the "greenback party." I think that if a viable third party is to rise up, it will be rooted in monetary freedom and sovereignty.

The power to issue and control our own currency is the issue of our age. If we are to rules ourselves, then we must control our own financial destiny.

Thanks for a great post!


END the FED before it ENDS US