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Look, this is OUR R3volution, not C4L's, not dailypaul's, but I do appreciate the scrutiny

I love our ability to pay attention to details, nothing gets passed our watchful eye, and to me that is beauty, we own this thing. I donated to C4L multiple times and will continue to do so because I trust Ron Paul, but he needs to hire a few more of us to make phone calls and oversee the operations there. Good employees are damn hard to find, and I knew that to be the case when C4L called me for support and I asked the caller about HR1207, he had no idea what the hell I was talking about. I let it go, but realized their hiring practices were out of whack. C4L needs to reform their hiring practices and they need to realize we will not support anyone who is not 100% of what we stand for 99% leads to 98% which eventually leads to 0%. We are all sick of giving in, as well we should be. We must however not feed on negative energy or let the trolls take this negative momentum and cunningly lead us to self destruction. Truth is, we just need to fine tune C4L a little bit and get them back on track. The fundamentals are there we are experiencing some growing pains, and need to tighten the reigns a little. See our man Ron Paul never expected to become a Rockstar so he has had to delegate some authority, it is natural for some areas to go unchecked and get a little out of control. I think it is time for C4L to have a check on ALL employees to see their knowledge of the issues and where they stand on those issues. They can't place ads for telemarketers for $8 and hour, they need to screen them because the people they are calling will be knowlegdeable. What I am getting at is, let's give a little slack and let them know everyone working for C4L everyone funded by C4L must follow guidlines set by US. We need C4L everyone, we just got to work the corks out. Let's not destroy our own, let's make it better. Moderators please feel free to make this grammatically correct in paragraph form, I am too tired too. Let's keep kicking ass everyone, this is ours.

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thanks for the imput but i must disagree.

not knowing about HR 1207 is downright ridiculous. whoever answers the phone represent ron and his philosophy...it is their job to know the issues. and if they were hired and not taught then C4L is to fault here.

i cannot make excuses for something like that.

i was staff on ron's campaign for a while and learned some things i would not have ordinarily learned about some of the people on his campaign staff. i can honestly say that there was 'deliberate' undermining of his campaign. it really was horrible and some of the same people are at C4L and they should NOT be there. i see the same going on there.

ron is doing his job. they need to do theirs.

ron hires people to do the job they are supposed to do.
unfortunately, the C4L has got some people in there who do have other plans.

i suppose you see this as negative but that's how i see it.

ron will always be a magnificent man in my eyes.

Ron Paul is My President

After that C4L telemarketer called me and knew nothing about

HR1207 when it was a hot topic, I knew their hiring practices were majorly flawed. I send them money when I can, and don't have time to double check how they spend it. It is kind of like that homeless person you give a dollar to, you hope they won't buy booze with it but you still do you part anyway and leave the man upstairs to judge what is done with it. That is how I see it anyway.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

RP is too busy to Mirco-Manage C4L -- He's not "management"


He don't budget money well -- he don't like to spend; he has no experience throwing money around, hahahaha.

Treat C4L as you would the Libertarian Party or any othr "lobby"

You can't Vote or Lobby your way into Liberty
----I mean this in all seriousness! It is mathematically impossible to vote or lobby (to abdicate self-rule or purchase votes) and expect to gain self-rule and zero deception.


I say screw C4L

As far as I see it we are in competition with them we should be trying to do things bigger and better then they do. That is the true example of capitalism and competition.When I was in the military it was always the Navy against the Marines or Army.Competition strenthens movemnt not weakens it.

How's that???

C4L is Dr. Paul's. He founded it with his left-over campaign donations to continue the grassroots effort to defend & support the Constitution. The statement under Daily Paul on the big red banner up top says about the same thing. This is a Ron Paul support site. Why would we compete w/ Ron Paul?

And we post their letters here almost as soon as they're emailed.

UPDATE: Ooo. I see there's a riff between DP & some C4L actions. Didn't read that before.

Agree w/ Tog though. C4L should hire Us from the DP.

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