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Organizations, While Useful To An Extent , Cannot Replace Personal Responsibility Of Each Sovereign American!

What we may be witnessing is self evident that it is NOT organizations like C4L that inevitably get run by 'professional' marketers paid a percentage of what they 'bring in', who may in fact themselves lack the animating spirit, would gladly take millions of dollars from those who 'voluntarily' abdicate their own sovereign responsibility, while 'harnessing' the pretext of 'furthering the cause of Liberty' in such a way to continuously justify their professional marketing positions.

Contrast that to millions upon millions of sovereign Americans showing up simultaneously across the country at every State Capitol to deliver the Articles of Freedom to each and every elected official to cease and desist anything that is repugnant to our Constitution, and require, for the public record, their individual responses to these resolutions by a certain deadline.

These people took an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution. This will be the proof one way or another of their individual intentions.

That is what the 'Articles of Freedom' is all about.

Its about we, the people, moving as united Americans to restore our Republic once and for all.

Dr. Paul has stated many, many times now, that it is up to each and every American to also uphold and defend the Rule of Law or we too are complicit in our own enslavement!

Dr. Paul is only one man and he is already doing what he can from his position. Each and every American united becomes a far more powerful force than any lone congressman.

People, let us quit giving our precious power away to others when we can do the job ourselves.

Recall what Einstein said. "The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over despite getting the same results"!!!


Take responsibility to uphold the Rule of Law - sign the 'Articles of Freedom'

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