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Gold Standard For Canada? MP Maxime Bernier thinks so!

"You may have noticed that there is increasing talk of the emergence of new bubbles in the financial news these days. Bubbles in the real estate market, in the stock market, in commodities, bubbles in China, in the United States.

What is surprising is that for the past two years, we have been going through a crisis that was itself provoked by the bursting of a bubble. How can we experience frantic speculation in various sectors while we are in a crisis? How can prices explode while unemployment continues to grow, production stalls, and consumers are heavily indebted and depressed?

The answer is simple: because there is too much money in circulation.

Central banks around the world have kept boosting the money supply since the beginning of the crisis. They did the same thing after the crash of the dotcom bubble ten years ago, which brought about another bubble in the real estate sector, which itself crashed seven years later. And today, we may find ourselves in the same situation, going through an artificial boom that cannot continue for very long."

Video and full text: http://www.maximebernier.com/en/2010/01/ancrer-la-monnaie-da...

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this is awesome. he was also

this is awesome. he was also the guy involved in boobygate. lol! http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20080527...

Intersting to note

might be that since I bought gold/silver in november/december..
Not much really have happened in the price...in SEK
I know in dollars it goes up/down a lot...the moves are minuscule in other currencies...

Interesting. In Bill Gross'

Interesting. In Bill Gross' Feb. 2010 investment outlook he mentions a preference for Canada: http://www.pimco.com/LeftNav/Featured+Market+Commentary/IO/2...


The Gold standard is a scam...

Why? Because politician's have reneged on it only 100% of history. The solution is to take money away from the politicians and leave it to businesses.

There can be a market based

There can be a market based gold standard. It doesn't have to be government managed.

Separate school and state and

Separate school and state and money and state and I believe we'd solve 99% of our problems.

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Speaking of bubbles, how about commercial real estate?


The sooner Canada can do this the better. Ron' Paul's "Competing Currencies Bill" is the way to go in the States.