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I love you CFL!

I understand that there are some incompetent people at CFL, and I think there must be some moles too, so I accept the fact that bad decisions will be made.

For that reason, I am very happy to see that you are getting your feet put to the fire for allowing a pro-war candidate to receive such a huge expensive promotion, and make no mistake, it was in fact a promotion.

However, I do recognize the fact that you are an excellent organization full of wonderful people, and I fully support you moving forward, even if that means that some restructuring must be done, and perhaps some heads need to role.

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My son pointed out the Many successes of C4L just last week.

This was before this story broke.
But he is correct---the Audit the Fed bills would not have gained so much support without the C4L.
The District Rallies have educated so many people, and the Young Americans for Liberty are now very active.
I have criticized C4L because of their lackluster website--if it was upgraded to have more zip, then people would not just join and never sign in again.
My main thought about C4L has always been that Ron Paul funded it for a reason, and I respect that.
But I have to admit that Daily Paul is my Favorite website!

I agree with you leaving the

I agree with you leaving the cfl will just make it easier for worse things to be done in our name. we leave and well be complaining about the cfl like we do the tea parties. we started it and the neo cons stole it. the cfl is our weapon. do you let go of your gun because someone grabs it? we are in a posistion to exert pressure on them. when the donations slow down well get a response.

having debra medina on the board of directors makes me feel a bit comfortable. I would probably feel better about the cfl if someone like michael nystrom was involved more closely with them.

"do you let go of your gun

"do you let go of your gun because someone grabs it?" NOO
i like that

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Some heads need to roll!

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

Ok, but do you otherwise

Ok, but do you otherwise recognize the great work and value of the C4L?

I see the value...

But great work? ...not so much....I think that it is largely an opportunity wasted due to really poor management.

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Just from reading comments

Just from reading comments and surfing the web, I feel that withdrawing from the organization is the way people are going. I think that a better method would be to stay involved but withdraw monetary support only. I really think that the Republican party became how it is presently because the true conservatives left after loses and it started a waterfall of sorts. Unfortunately, money speaks but if people had worked to get elected to all levels of the party hierarchy or spoke by withdrawing monetary, things might have gone different way. Just imho.

I think the CFL gets the

I think the CFL gets the message that they made a costly mistake...I seriously doubt that this will happen again...I hope that they still receive great support, financial and otherwise, for the good work that they do...if they do something like this again, I hope they get their feet to the fire once more, but I don't think that it's time for us to just completely jump ship...

Yes, tthousands and thousand of good people are using C4L


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