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New 5 minute Video. Busted! Thursday it hits the paper!

How do you tell a 3 year story in 5 minutes?
I bought 3 days of advertising. Lets see what happens to the the view count.
Thank you all so much for your input.
here's the shorty

oh and any comments on utube would be great!

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im glad he stood up, but

im glad he stood up, but being "not guilty" is not justice to the malfeason of office, the bonds need to be claimed, the public officials liened, or jailed. This is the problem, people think "not gulty" is justice, i dont see it that way, i see it as the rapist just didnt rape another victim, but is still out there raping....

Interesting but very hard to follow.

I read quickly but had trouble reading all of the text. It is like an annoying music video, the images don't last long enough to give the viewer time to register and absorb them. I think it will not be as effective as you want in this format. May appeal to the ADD crowd though.

I watched it twice trying to

I watched it twice trying to figure it out. It just confused me. They should focus more on telling a coherent story from start to finish and less on the flashy video stuff. They really need some help presenting their case more clearly.

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This one is better, I hope the rats squirm. Exposing local corruption like you are doing is just as important as exposing national corruption.