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Ron Paul visits Kentucky to raise money for Rand Paul

Texas congressman Ron Paul visits Kentucky to raise money for son’s U.S. Senate bid
By Joseph Gerth

Former Presidential candidate Ron Paul came to Louisville Saturday to tell Republicans that his son, U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul, would have to convince them that he’s “worth” backing in the May primary.

“If you want to take my advice, he’s well worth it,” the elder Paul, a U.S. congressman from Texas, told a cheering crowd of more than 600 at the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center.

It was the first time Ron Paul ever campaigned for his son — returning the favor of years of help from his son when Ron Paul ran numerous times for Congress as a Republican, for President as a Republican in 2008, and even during a 1988 campaign when Ron Paul ran for the presidency as the Libertarian nominee.

The event at the fairgrounds was a $25 per person fundraiser that was preceded by a $500 per person meet and greet with the Pauls.

David Adams, Rand Paul’s campaign manager, said he wasn’t sure how much the event would raise. The campaign does most of its fundraising on the internet instead of using traditional fundraising events.

The Paul phenomenon is interesting in the wide range of people they bring together in support of their small-government message.

That was apparent as people took the stage before the Pauls. They included Frank Simon and the Rev. Jerry Stephenson, two anti-gay activists in Louisville, who were chosen to lead to lead the Pledge of Allegiance and give an invocation.

They were followed by Aimee Allen, a tattooed reggae and rock singer wearing patterned stockings and high-top tennis shoes, who sang the national anthem.

She was followed by the Rev. Jeff Fugate, a conservative Baptist preacher from Lexington.

“There really is a revolution going on in this country,” Ron Paul told the crowd.

Ron Paul is known for his strong opposition to the Federal Reserve Bank, his libertarian streak that often puts him at odds with leaders in his own party and his opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rand Paul shares some of his father’s views. He believes drug laws are best enforced at the local level and has drawn criticism for saying that terror detainees at Guantanamo Bay should be “dropped off” in their country of origin.

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We need a few wise owls...

... to counter the negative comments being hurled at the Pauls. These folk, including the reporter, need a gentle education.

Plano TX

The Louisville Courier-Journal is a left-wing newspaper,

has been for generations. It's not a matter of education, gentle or otherwise. They know what they're doing.
Why do the Pauls appear on a stage with questionable people like Frank Simon? This makes no sense. All they did was give the Grayson campaign ammunition.
With the snow the attendance was surely cut down. The money collected minus expenses had to be minimal.
Rand Paul needs to run as Rand Paul, keep everyone else off his stage except family.