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To make you smile :)

The only relation this has to DP is this little boy, my Grandson, helps promote the cause with much of his wardrobe that is Ron Paul related. He is not wearing it in this picture, but his bright smile draws much attention to what he is wearing everywhere we go. He is in this contest in our local paper and has been in the lead many times. Unfortunately now this other baby has taken a big lead. At least brighten your day by going to look at his big bright smile. He is a big part of the reason my husband and I work so hard in the movement. I woulld really appreciate if you vote for him too. If you have more than one email address you can vote from each one. The contest ends at midnight tonight. Thank all here at my Ron Paul family.


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self bump. C'mon guys help me out. It seems like the other babies nanny has about 10 email.