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Debra Medina Moneybomb - February 2nd

Hey everyone - I'm a regular member over at Ron Paul Forums, first post here. For those of you who don't know, Debra Medina is running for Governor of Texas and has been doing very well in the debates. She polled at 11% in the most recent "official" poll, but has since been polled in two House Districts at 13% and 19%, respectively.

On Tuesday, February 2nd, the grassroots is having and promoting a moneybomb for Debra Medina. The primary is on March 2nd, so she needs all the help she can get ASAP! Please pledge for the moneybomb at www.medinamoneybomb.com and donate what you can on February 2nd. If you would like to check out her website first, you can find it at www.medinafortexas.com

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