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Conservatism is anti-liberty

Anthony Gregory from his article Is Obama a Conservative?:

"Conservatism for hundreds of years referred to supporters of the Old Order—militarism, royalty, statism, and so forth. It is tyranny and despotism that are old, classic, ancient and traditional. Liberty is a relatively new development."


Even in America, going back to the founding we see many liberties better respected, yet the existence of slavery, theocratic law and other unspeakably gross assaults on individual freedom rendered that era so far from perfect that it is worth looking forward, rather than backward, in considering our political philosophy and agenda.

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once you accept

that words are an imprecise representation of reality, a construct of the human mind

then it's reasonable to assume that one man's conservatism is another man's liberalism, neither relating to conservation, nor "careful deliberate governance erring on the side of too little"

it's really all about me-ism.

me me me. which if expressed with a libertarian mindset, is quite healthy.

Example, myself. I just want to be left alone. My liberty intact. The idea of my own liberty causing very little burden to others. That's all I want.

But there are others, whose "me-ism" includes sapping the production and energies of countless other individuals to prop up and support their existence. Their me-ism, as opposed to mine, costs others a great deal.

When I say it's all about me, you can trust that when I say it, I'm trying very hard to prevent my pursuits of my own interests not to weigh on others. Throw in a healthy dose of pragmatism, and that's who I am.

That can't be said for the "country first" john mccain wanker types, nor the "it takes a village" hillary types. (they are one in the same by the way, including 99.9% of those in D.C. and a large majority of the American population)


Neoconservatism is anti-liberty:


Paleoconservatism is pro-liberty:

"Paleoconservatism is a term for an anti-communist and anti-imperialist right-wing political philosophy in the United States stressing tradition, civil society and anti-federalism, along with religious, regional, national and Western identity. Chilton Williamson, Jr. describes paleoconservatism as "the expression of rootedness: a sense of place and of history, a sense of self derived from forebears, kin, and culture—an identity that is both collective and personal." Paleoconservatism is not expressed as an ideology and its adherents do not necessarily subscribe to any one party line. Paleoconservatives in the 21st century often highlight their points of disagreement with neoconservatives, especially on issues like immigration, affirmative action, U.S. funding of its allies abroad, foreign wars, and welfare. They also criticize social democracy, which some refer to as the "therapeutic managerial state," the "welfare-warfare state" or "polite totalitarianism." They see themselves as the legitimate heirs to the American conservative tradition."


Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

Excellent thoughts

and I recently read that the elite want a Fascist Conservative power structure so this is a very important line of thought that we must be aware of, thanks.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.