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My input on the CFL, Ken Buck and the $350,000

I have read a lot of comments and statements concerning the support from the CFL promoting a pro war candidate.

What disturbs me is how some claim that the CFL made a mistake and we should forgive them and move on and not address our concerns directly or with others especially here on this forum.

Here is my problem with this thought process!

# 1 : Mistake : an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.

# 2 : This was not a mistake, there was ample thought that went into this commercial and support prior to it being produced and published for all to see. Does anyone really believe that this was all done in just a few days? This was a decision made by the officers of the CFL and they should be held accountable for their actions. They knew or should of known the reaction they were going to receive from the grassroots on this issue.

# 3 : Simply by even considering to work with and support such a candidate was more than a simple mistake or error in judgement.

# 4 : The CFL made clear to all of us that their intention was to promote freedom and liberty with a very simple platform which included a non interventionous foreign policy. This candidate is clear as to his position on intervention and foreign policy. This alone should have excluded him from any consideration from the CFL regardless if he answered 19/20 survey questions correctly!

# 5 : By supporting such a person goes against the very principles and kills the very spirit the CFL proclaims it instills, as well, as undermines the integrity of the CFL.

People support the CFL and other organizations like this because they believe in what they are doing, they donate their time, money and effort simply because they believe in the principles and integrity of the organization.

The biggest problem is the track record of the officers at the CFL and the lack of transparency to which many have asked of them. The way I see it and this is just my opinion, the CFL if they don't change their ways will become and seems to be becoming they very beast they claim to be fighting against.

The free market decides who fails and who succeeds, the free market ie; us are speaking out!

Here is how I see the only way to salvage support from the masses of the grassroots. They remove any support from this candidate, return the money to the so called secret donors ( I don't beleive this btw ) and admit their mass error in judgement as they claim and ask for the forgiveness of the grassroots for such an error and hope we will actually forgive them and support them 100% again with our time and money.

If they can use $350,000 for this proven neocon then they can start supporting people like R.J Harris, Adam Kokesh and Debra Medina, just to name a few.

More to come with follow up later.


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VERY nice indeed!

VERY nice indeed wild-blue!

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Good article.


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It was a good article and a

It was a good article and a nice site too.

Nice site, I will visit it

Nice site, I will visit it more often, thanks or the link.