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Obama's birth???

What happened to Andy Martin's film debut "Obama: The Hawaii Years"???? Also what happened to the court date in January, 2010 re Orly Taitz and her law suit???? Perhaps I have the wrong date? Have they been silenced forever????????????

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It twas a hoax.



It wasn't a hoax, but the

It wasn't a hoax, but the court in California was the wrong place to file.
This is what the Obama defense pointed out and the judge agreed on.

Kinda funny that the POTUS has to defend his eligibilty on grounds of filing errors, not?
No case on that issue was heard so far, because noboby had standing.

Donofrio and Pidgeon are filing Quo Warranto in DC.
For the Chrysler dealers that lost everything through decisions of the Obama regime.
No standing? I don't think so.

btw. Quo Warranto means he has to prove on what grounds he is eligible for the office.
In case of the POTUS that would be:
prove You are a natural born citizen.

Good luck.

January 26th?

I received an email explaining the story and that a US district judge Carter was going to hear the case. I felt strongly that it was real but didn't do my own research.

Does anyone know if that was a hoax? Was there a delay?(which would seem likely in this case.)


I hear that she has filed quo warranto though...

To me, it's quite clear.

Obama could have easily made his real birth records available, just like any other "normal" person would do when required to present them for verification.

The fact that Obama could not, or would not, and seals his records, and fights attempts to force him to show his certificate in court, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to hide them, is a "de facto" admission that this person in the White House is not qualified to be President of the United States of America.

And to me, that's all there is to it.
I don't need any other proof.
It's as clear as a plate glass window.

The fact that you will not let the government examine every

aspect of your life is a "de facto" admission that you are a criminal.


Another bullshit comment by Joesmoe

The Constitution doesn't require that I "let the gov't examine every aspect of my life".

However the Constitution DOES require that the President meet certain qualifications, one of which is being a natural born citizen, and the official birth records are considered to be accepted proof, by the gov't itself.

The "aspects of my life" have nothing to do with it, Joesmoe.

Can you show me the passage in the constitution where

it says the president must show his birth certificate?

Not that he just be a natural born citizen?


Agreed, but you require a birth certificate to register...

for Selective Service, apply for a passport, even to get married. If Obama has been committing fraud, and that appears self evident, he should be indicted for such and could have his birth certificate subpoenaed.

Besides, the Associated Press identified him as "Kenyan-born Barack Obama," and the Associated Press wouldn't lie, would they (snicker, snicker)?

Easy to Get

It is real easy to get your birth certificate in Honolulu.

Very Very easy. That is what the red flag is for me - there is a reason we have not seen his birth certificate.

Assuming the short form is real that they show then that means they should have the long form down there as well if it exists.

When one is running for the

When one is running for the highest office in the country proof of birth is required.It is when your sent off to fight wars in other nations for Corporations.

Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.


Such a simple solution to reveal the documents and he pays bigtime to hide them

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

Don't know about the Martin

Don't know about the Martin film. The guy turned me off long ago, creepy neoconish views.

Orly Taitz' January date was the 26th, but the judge threw the case out in October. Wrong court.
Check this, she is doing a Quo Warranto in DC.

This position, taken

from the comment section, is my stance: "...but the absolute barrier to Obama’s eligibility for president is that his Kenyan father was a British citizen, a fact – not a conspiracy theory – which made Obama a British citizen at birth..."

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