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Full Primary Schedule-All States

Illinois, Feb 2
Texas, March 2
-Debra Medina-TX Governor
Indiana, May 4
North Carolina, May 4
Ohio, May 4
Nebraska, May 11
West Virginia, May 11
Arkansas, May 18
Kentucky, May 18
-Rand Paul-Senate
Oregon, May 18
Pennsylvania, May 18
Idaho, May 25
Alabama, June 1
Mississippi, June 1
New Mexico, June 1
-Adam Kokesh-House-3
California, June 8
Iowa, June 8
Maine, June 8
Montana, June 8
Nevada, June 8
New Jersey, June 8
North Dakota, June 8
South Carolina, June 8
-Mike Vasovski-House-3
South Dakota, June 8
Virginia, June 8
Utah, June 22
Georgia, July 20
Oklahoma, July 27
Kansas, Aug 3
Michigan, Aug 3
Missouri, Aug 3
Tennessee, Aug 5
Colorado, Aug 10
Connecticut, Aug 10
Washington, Aug 17
Wyoming, Aug 17
Alaska, Aug 24
Arizona, Aug 24
-Chris Simcox-Senate
Florida, Aug 24
Louisiana, Aug 28
Delaware, Sept 14
Dist. of Columbia, Sept 14
Maryland, Sept 14
Massachusetts, Sept 14
Minnesota, Sept 14
New Hampshire, Sept 14
New York, Sept 14
Rhode Island, Sept 14
Vermont, Sept 14
Wisconsin, Sept 14
Hawaii, Sept 18

Leave comments with candidates that I miss, and I will update.

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There's got to be more

let's fill this up

I'm sure there are a lot more.

RJ Harris, Congress 4th District

John Jay Myers, Congress 32nd District


Sam Rohrer - Gov.
Peg Luksik - Senate
Jake Towne - state rep 15th district.


Jaynee Germond, U.S. Congress 4th District.
Delia Lopez U.S. Congress 3rd District.
John Kuzmanich, U.S. Congress 1st District.