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How you can help if you live outside Texas: Donate Debra Medina Signs For The North Houston Metro Area


I have seen several comments in recent posts that DPers outside of Texas wish they could do more than just give money to Debra's campaign.

Well here you go - I live in a metro / high population area that overwhelmingly votes Republican just north of Houston. Further, we are expecting a very low voter turnout as this is not a presidential election year.

If we can get lots of professional looking campaign signage up in north Harris (Houston) and Montgomery counties we could easily tip this race in Debra's favor. I have heard that statewide Debra needs about 300,000 votes to win, 250,000 to make it into a runoff election.

Folks, in north Houston alone we probably have 3 or 4 times that many registered Republican voters.

So here is my proposition... If anyone would like to donate Debra Medina signs / campaign supplies, as a former Ron Paul meetup organizer, I will see to it that they are all put to the best use and pass them along to other area organizers as appropriate.

What we need locally are signs, lots of signs; 2x4s and yard signs especially. But we will use anything you want to donate including the larger 4x8s, flyers, hats, shirts or any other misc campaign materials you wish to give.

With that said, I would ask anyone interested in doing this to contact me at anappealtoheaven@gmail.com.

Bottom line - I would like to have enough signage that we can both plaster the area now and also plaster the polling places on election day in early March.

We can do this and you can be a part of it.

Please email me at anappealtoheaven@gmail.com if you would like to talk with me further.

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Also Media Buys

People out side of Texas can contact small newspapers and place Debra Ads, during early voting.

Here is another potential source...

...we purchased many of our Ron Paul signs here in 2007-2008...


Michael Franks is the owner and may cut you a bulk deal like he did for us 2 years ago.

His store is about 45 minutes from my house and I can pick them up (save shipping) if there is a big enough order placed.


This is a totally awesome idea Heaven...

I really need signs too. I could do a lot with just 10-15 signs. 2x4's are $30 a piece!
If people are going to donate for the money bomb anyway, why not order from the store and send to us in Texas. I'm donating, but probably $100 is all I can swing right now. If anyone from outside of Texas wants to send signs to me, pm me for my address.

I will be giving another $100 during the money bomb...

...but as you say it only goes so far at these prices and we are just simply running out of time with early voting already started.

Election is March 2nd and when we have new people coming out to wave signs and we have few signs its a problem. I want everyone to take many signs home and put them up around their areas.

But right now if I give my signs away I am left with nothing to wave at the cars and I have no 2x4 signs.

SOS. We need help.

Anyone from the Medina campaign here?

The new governor of Virginia had a link for people outside his area to help. You clicked on the link and could download a script (approved by the candidate) on key points and receive a list of phone numbers to call. I strongly suggest all the liberty candidates do this, they all have supporters all across the country....

Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/contribute/ - http://www.unclesamtamovie.com/

We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!

Ultimately I don't care where you all buy the signs from...

...we will use whatever signs you send to us from any source.

Thomas thanks for pointing out this link as an alternative.



This is my problem.

We only have one month until the election and I've already spent $1,100 out of my own pocket on this campaign.

Anything DPers can do will help. Please remember the money will help Debra advertise too.

They are going to want to run TV/radio ads and I'm sure some of this cost is to help the campaign cover these sort of costs as well.

We appreciate anything you can do to assist and I assure you it will not be waisted.