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Liberty candidates on Facebook

Below are the facebook profiles of some people that I believe are liberty candidates. Polls may now use the number of "Friends" of the candidates facebook to determine support.

When you become a "fan" of the candidate a bulletin notice appears on your friends Facebook home page.

I know some people do not like the information that becomes available when you join facebook so for those who aren't afraid it s a good way to maybe message some friends who live in the candidates state to try to get them to help out with this whole liberty thing :)

Debra Medina for TX

Adam Kokesh

Jake Towne

Please post the page for what other candidates you are friends with.

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Thank you for this.


My best friend's dad just

My best friend's dad just recently introduced his campaign.
Dr. Michael Babich

The Defeat Pelosi / John Dennis group -


(yours truly admins that one - almost 4k members!)

and Johns page - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/JohnhDennis

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