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Effective and Economic Political Fundraising

On a forum asking for local Debra support from out of state, they had a problem with lack of materials. So I emailed a company who has cheap yard signs and asked what it would be for 100 yard signs(metal holders included), he emailed back, the exact same two sided, two colored ones that you buy on the Medina site can be bought for $529(shipping and everything).

I can't afford that whole amount so I started thinking of how people can collectively pitch in and buy the dang things.
The only way I can think of to do this is with the particular candidates actual website. If the website focused on one particular item for a couple of hours like 500 yards signs, etc, and had a bar showing its progress, donations would occur more often, each die hard supporter (like many of us at DP) would continually visit the website and donate $10 or whatever, to get an item over and done with.

Agreed? Does/has anybody work(ed)with a campaign to know if this would be effective from experience?

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