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Election Fraud Awareness Day 1st Tuesday each month

Use the 1st Tuesday of each month, skip election November, to educate yourself/ others on the existence/ possibility of election fraud so you can talk credibly about it & assist in the country's return to hand-counted paper ballots. Take 3 hours, the time you would usually spend going to a meeting, to read a book

1 available from BlackBoxVoting.org

1 by Collier brothers

1 by Vickie Karp

watch a video or 2 or 3 on the subject, burn DVDs for others to watch, find 3 convincing news articles on the subject to fax/ e-mail your elected representatives, whatever action you decide to take.

You can't ever expect the vote getter to prevail as long as election fraud exists or has the potential to & it will always have the potential as long as there aren't hand-counted paper ballots. And, yes, witness the New Hampshire recount, there are even problems w/ hand-counted paper ballots.

Visit these websites for more ideas:

www.BlackBoxVoting.org already mentioned
www.VoteRescue.org Vickie Karp

And don't forget to contact Vickie Karp about being her representative to witness the ballot counting in your area.

Election fraud accomplishes 2 things it doesn't let you know who got the votes & it makes you pessimistic about voting for the candidate of your choice b/c you don't believe he has support/ he will win.

Any more suggestions?

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