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SOS! May-Day! I NEED clarification on this C4L 350k issue! PLEASE!

Okay, as I understand it, The Campaign for Liberty donated 350k to a candidate that was pro-war? Okay, I get the conflict there- the candidate likes interventionism. What I am NOT understanding is WHEN did the C4L become "the enemy?" I thought the C4L was a straight-on extension of the RP2008 Campaign that would continue on and lead the way and keep us all focused on future Liberty candidates? So.........HOW does this happen before the next election even gets here? If we can't keep OURSELVES legit and striving for the ame thing (mostly), then HOW are we (and I mean "we" figuratively) ever going to have a chinaman's chance of ever making ANY head-way for bigger and better things?

What happened? I thought Ron Paul was still affiliated with the Campaign for Liberty? I guess I haven't been reading the mailers I get from the C4l as closely as I should!


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I am probably not qualified to answer, but my *feeling* is that Ron Paul, while affiliated with C4L actually believes in freedom and participates with a somewhat hands-off attitude. He hopes and thinks the best of those tackling the job. In this case, it seems that C4L has made a major screw-up. It does not appear that the leadership is going to do the right thing and admit to having screwed up, but are trying to introduce unnecessary nuance into the decision. If the guy is so clueless that he has voted as he has, then there's no other way to paint it. It's just a screw-up. Does this mean that we should castigate C4L? Yes. Does this mean that we should totally give up on C4L? Probably not. They are trying to do some good things, especially at the local level, as others have pointed out. But they're not the only game in town.

My advice: Participate with people you know and trust.


I think

many are still trying to get the real answers on this one. I'm sure Ron Paul doesn't know about every move C4L management does. Alot of people are upset and asking questions. I do believe a mistake has been made by C4L staff or we have infiltraitors. Mispelling intented. I am a member and promote candidates in my area but never ask for a dime from C4L. I make donations and buy materials so I would really like an accounting of what they are doing with the money. It does not look good ,but there will be bumps in the road in any new or even old for that matter grass roots organization. Don't blame Ron Paul and keep looking for the answers and hold the right people accountable. Don't ditch the whole organization. Continue to look for the truth and react accordingly.


You're like totally whacked-out on Scooby snacks and Red Bull, right?

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!


Dude ! That was rude !

Was it?

This thread is old.

There were two active forum topics on this subject that had been going all day but... stop the press!... somebody can't be bothered to read them.

I wasn't trying to be rude. I just thought his title was melodramatic.

I still think so.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Wow, just what I needed!

I asked a legitimate question, beacuse I DON'T KNOW! I was hoping this place would be a bit more helpful! Sorry for having high expectations!