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RT: Russian Sukhoi T-50 jet challenges US Raptor stealth fighter

Under secrecy, Russia's first fifth-generation PAK FA fighter jet has successfully completed a test flight. Its appearance has now been revealed by Sukhoi, the planes manufacturer, which released footage of the flight.
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I can't help but comment on this.

Not sure who it was, but it was some minnesota "conservative" that got me hot under the collar on Facebook about the raptor production ending. His comment was something to the effect of

people won't always be throwing rocks and shoes at us we need to keep our military number 1

My reply was something along the lines of...Yes, Yes they will. There is obviously no need for this plane since there are no brown people with them. Besides Russia won't have the cheaper version out till 2015 Plus its not like the senate just passed a bill that made Lockhead burn all the engineering drawings and melt down all the tools and dies to make the darn plane.

Russians are notorious for building cheaper, lighter, and faster planes than the USA. Usually the lockhead planes are better at climb rates and carry more weapons. I Just can't get over how much this rusian plane looks like a raptor. Who says they haven't figure out free market capitalism? The only lingering questions I have on the Sukhoi fighter is how the control surfaces are run...meaning if it has a ridiculous flight computer like the lockheed and does it have the thrust vectoring capabilities.

Sorry engineering geek here but thrust vectoring is completely awesome...it means the plane doesn't have to obey normal flight physics of Bernoulli at all times. So it can turn and move in an unbelievable fashion.

By the way if you want to be slightly creeped out your commercial craft throws out Bernoulli's principal for lift on its way down to the runway. Its flaps are so huge its basically vectoring itself, that's why it feels kind of funny going in for a landing.


But does it have BlueTooth?

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In Russia

would it not be Red tooth? :)

haha, awesome comment.

haha, awesome comment.

thanks for the laugh.

lol... that was funny

lol... that was funny

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Sounds like WWWlll

is right on schedule.

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