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Email From MN C4L Co-ordinator - Good Info

Dear Minnesota C4L Member,

Thank you for all that you have done and will do for liberty.

We need you to once again get involved in the political process at your local Caucus this Tuesday, Feb 2, 2010. It does not matter whether you caucus as a Republican, a Democrat, or with another Party. It is crucially important that you go and become a Delegate or an Alternate to the next level.

On the GOP side, you have made tremendous strides, with many members having been elected to local and congressional district leadership. At the last State Central meeting, a resolution to bind the party to financially support Conservatives written by Campaign for Liberty member Greg O'Connor was approved by a majority vote. That resolution has already sent shock waves through the GOP leadership. We need more of you to become leaders like Greg in each of Minnesota's political parties, and that requires you getting elected delegate at the Caucus Tuesday night and then at the county or senate district level.

Basically, four things happen at your local precinct Caucus:

(1.) Election of precinct leadership for the next two years;

(2.) Election of Delegates to your local BPOU (county or senate district) Convention to be held in February and March. (Delegates at the BPOU Convention, in turn, elect Delegates to the congressional district conventions and the State Convention, where candidates for governor and other offices are endorsed);

(3.) Submit resolutions to be voted upon (after debate) at your local (BPOU) Convention. Similar resolutions will be combined from across the state, and their adoption into the party platform will be voted upon at the state convention.

(4) Vote in a straw poll, which will be reported to the media, for your choice of governor.

We encourage you to propose platform planks at your Caucus, then County, District, and State Conventions. You can find some good ideas that represent the C4L mission statement at: http://www.campaignforliberty.com/pdfs/talkingpoints.pdf

Also, visit the MN section of the C4L Forums to see what others are submitting for resolutions: (http://www.campaignforliberty.com/forums/?state=MN)

If you are not sure where your Caucus location is, go to the following site and enter your mailing address in the "Caucus Finder." It will tell you your precinct designation and where your Caucus will be held for each Party. http://www.sos.state.mn.us/index.aspx?page=886

Remember, Caucus this Tuesday night, February 2, 2010 - 7PM. We need you there!

Best regards,

Marianne Stebbins

C4L Minnesota Co-State Coordinator

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Who are you supporting for governor? I forgot I could just look up where you from base on your previous posts. My old college roommate lives near silver lake.

I just went to the forums at C4L and it doesn't look too promising republican candidates...

I did just listen to this interesting interview on antiwar though...
That wouldn't be a bad plank either. Too many choices yours is still the best!

Here's an example of a resolution I am proposing:

Whereas: Our country has been entangled with foreign ideologies since the turn of the last century.

Whereas: Since the 1920's, think tank organizations such as Council on Foreign Relations have infiltrated our entire bicameral and education system to undermine American sovereignty, have degraded and monopolized the highest potential for American economy, illegally involved us in foreign entanglements and moral hazards leading to egregious violations to our Constitution both foreign and domestic.

Therefore, let it be resolved, that the Republican Party cease and desist any coalition, co-operation, support to its policies, both monetary and foreign, through its candidates and its platform, to the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, and its Federal Reserve system.

I like it

But I bet there is something with a little more punch out there. Let me stew on it.

I would love

suggestions from you amazing people out there.

yea what part of MN you in?

I was thinking you could drop some reference to arms deals in there, I am sure the CFR has it hands in that.

One about congress declaring war wouldn't be bad.

Proper use of the CIA...not instigating violence for us interest or using predator drones in countries we aren't at war with...

support for not torturing people.

I could go on Maybe I will write one tonight when I have more time


those are good insertions.

Keep in mind I attempted to word mine so it is inclusive of all of what CFR has been up to in its infiltration of our country. I could change this if someone has a better way of wording it.

The CIA must be a separate resolution otherwise it would confuse.

The more clear we can write these the better and easier it will be adopted by the delegates.

Ofcourse...never meant to be unclear

the separate paragraphs were supposed to be separate resolutions...never wanted to say your resolution wasn't excellent. Just thought it was a great start to a long wish list I had.

Sorry I never got around to doing my homework on those ideas tonight...But I got some free time tomorrow and I hope to produce at least one of my own.

I am way down south near Iowa in a small town so I am very unsure what I can get away with...who knows if anybody will show up. Wish you luck at your caucus tomorrow. If your near the Mall of America I will get my brother on your side.

Here's my speech for delegate

I am seeking your vote as delegate again.

I am currently serving our HD 54B as Deputy Chair.

I have contributed my efforts to bring a website to our constituents to keep everyone informed, helped to develop an informative flyer. I am a founding member of Minnesotans For Limited Government and currently its Events Chair.

I consider myself a 'Constitutional Libertarian'. That means I respect the right of all to live as they will, make their own mistakes, but keep them from imposing theirs on me, especially with regards to my property and my religious beliefs!

I am involved for the express reason to return our country back to its Constitutional roots. I work to rid our country of foreign ideologies such as the UN and all its tentacles in our foreign and monetary policies. I seek to support 'Liberty' candidates in my districts.

I need your vote as delegate if I am to continue to serve to my highest level.

(Please feel free to use this if you need a guide otherwise I'd love to see yours too)

reedr3v's picture

Wow, Anisha, good work. I love the

wording of your speech, "I work to rid our country of foreign ideologies such as the UN and all its tentacles in our foreign and monetary policies."

And thanks for bringing to our attention the nitty gritty good support C4L is giving to activists such as yourself.

thanks for posting.

Wondering if I should show up. It might be fun, but it could piss me off. Some how I don't think too many will show up.


bump for others.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."