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Ron Paul bumper sticker spotted in New Orleans... was it you?

If so, thanks, you made my day! I'd just gotten off of an offshore oil rig and was thinking to myself how I used to see so many Ron Paul signs and stickers when driving through Louisiana. I got a kinda lonely feeling as I realized I hardly ever see any Ron Paul bumper stickers any more. I stopped by a client's office and upon leaving it, pulled in behind a small car with what else but a Ron Paul bumper sticker on it! What a coincidence. This was on Fleur-de-Lis Avenue. Ron Paul + Fleur-de-Lis means victory by the Saints in the Super Bowl, BTW.

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Yeah, I've seen fewer of them around here too.

Sorry, it wasn't me, since I've been in Lafayette for a while. But I know for a fact there is at least one other Ron Paul bumper sticker in the Big Easy since my brother lives there.

Drew Brees

I'll bet it was Drew Brees.