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Well, it looks like between the "climategate" scandal, and the widespread outlash from the scientific community Copenhagen was not nearly as fruitful as many regulators might had anticipated. This of course is only a small bump in the road and the "green" agenda is still being implimented despite any sort of consensus on the science or the practcality of any legislation being proposed. In the construction world, everyone is lining up to "the guy" who ushered in a new era of eco-friendly regulations. One clear example is the NRMCA's new GREENSTAR certification program that is just now coming into its own right. Additional information can be found on their website here: http://nrmca.org/operations/ENVIRONMENT/certifications_GS-pl...
The NRMCA is not a regulatory agency and does not carry with it any type of authoritative powers but you can already begin to see the writing on the wall. When you consider that measures to introduce cap n trade legislation on a state lesvel, such as was pointed out is happeining in Wisconsin, is ocurring at the same time that the NRMCA's GREENSTAR certification program is blossuming then you can see that widespread changes are on the horizon. Changes that will be nation wide. In New York City recent regulations have eliminated private testing labortories from being used on city projects. The city has taken over that role and has seized control over a seemingly minute aspect of construction. The word incrimentalism comes to mind. What does everyone think of these widespread changes that are happening right now, and does anyone know of any other programs similar to the NRMCA's GREENSTAR certification program that might affect other major aspects of the construction industry??

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