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This all goes away if we END THE FED! A call for new Meetup Groups.

Interventionism. Universal healthcare. The Department of Education. Nancy Pelosi's Botox.

All of it goes.

Who has the cojones to join me in creating End The Fed Meetup Groups?

People have already started...


If there isn't one in your area, will you start one?

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We already have an active meetup group that

started as a RonPaul meetup group and morphed into one of several Educator's of Liberty groups. End the Fed is one of our many purposes.



How active is your "End the Fed" activism?

Do you coordinate with other Meetups for national events?

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!


I've been to two protests at the Dallas Fed and done all the calling and writing to Senators and Reps including the "No Bernanke confirmation until ETF gets an up or down vote". My Rep is a 1207 co-sponsor and both my senators are 604 co-sponsors. We have had public movie screenings showing F2F, The Creature from Jekyll Island, on and on, etc. I focus on the criminal cartel when I'm trying to convert people to the cause of liberty. I also am on the EndtheFed mailing list run by Debbie McKee, who was the organizer for the DFW area...she is now the Texas C4L organizer stepping in after Debra Medina left.

Just a question...

and this isn't personal.

Why doesn't your group protest every week? At the Fed, on the overpasses, everywhere...? I mean, they are right there in your backyard.

This is so important, and is Ron's main focus, yet so little happens as far as getting out on the streets.

During the election, we would be out every weekend and two or three nights a week. Hell, I'd even go hold a sign for an hour by myself during rush hour if I had the time.

Now? Not a lot. I'm seeing comments like yours from a lot of people.

We should be out there demonstrating, educating and recruiting as if our lives depended on it, but we don't.

I'm puzzled and depressed.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Well protesting every week is just

too much to tell you the truth. It's actually over an hour away for me. That's why we have our EOL group here locally. We are trying to educate people in our county about what's really going on (the whole NWO shebang). Our main focus now is getting Debra elected. We get together nearly every Thursday + attending tea parties, candidate forums, GOP meetings, and more. We also have about 8 people running for GOP precinct chairs in our county. We've teamed up with the teaparty people on a lot of stuff (mostly because they draw a large crowd that we can try to educate, they are mad, but don't understand all the issues as you know, especially with the "War on Terror"). We write Letters to the editor, pass out materials, etc. Also, the End the Fed protests were more symbolic than anything IMO. It's not like if the people were even in the building (they were both on Sunday) they would give a crap anyway. We spent more time at the JFK memorial (because that''s where the crowds were) handing out information on the FED.
I admit I was even more active during the RP campaign (sign waves and door knocking), but I also had my kids in school. Now they are homeschooled, so I just plain don't have as much time as before.

This wasn't about you personally,

didn't mean it that way at all. No need to justify either, I'm not judging anyone.

It was just a general observation. I know how active the Texas Meetups are, particularly Austin.

It just occurred to me today how we went from being everywhere during the campaign to, well, a trickle now. Even if ten people got out every weekend (doesn't have to be the same ten, of course) and made a nuisance out of themselves at, say, the same intersection with educational material...

Big things might happen. : >

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Have you started your "End the Fed" Meetup yet?

New Facebook Group


Aim of the group is to coordinate all the cool "End the Fed" Meetups Daily Paulers are starting.


Because you're tired of being a keyboard patriot and you recognize that activism sometimes mean putting your shoes on and going outside.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!


Your R3VOLUTION is calling you.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!