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Chance to Win FREE Silver Coins

bullsource.com is giving away some free Silver American Eagle coins.

A little background: I started bullsource.com during this economic downturn to help get the truth out about what's really going on in the economy and financial world. So I think you'll find lots of good info here from the likes of Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, etc. plus some investment resources for those of us looking to bail the US dollar.

I hope you can all check it out and enter the giveaway. Details are here.

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Tomorrow is the last day to

Tomorrow is the last day to enter!

Silver is down today. May be

Silver is down today. May be a good opportunity to load up.


"shipped free to anywhere in... the United States."


Anyone outside the US can

Anyone outside the US can still subscribe to new posts. A lot of the topics covered apply to foreign countries as well.

Let's get more entered in the

Let's get more entered in the giveaway!

If you want a guaranteed free

If you want a guaranteed free silver Kennedy half-dollar, call Goldline International during one of their three half hour broadcasts and talk to Joe Battaglia on the air.

The live broadcasts are: 9:30a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 2:00p.m., Monday thru Friday. Call 1-877-376-2646. Make sure you're radio is off and are calling from a land line or cell with decent reception. No blue-tooths! The resulting line noise annoys him to no end, (understandable)

I like to listen to him because he sees eye to eye with us on pretty much all of our convictions. I've received two coins so far! They won't let you call too often though. They are always needing callers, so it's never hard to get on. You'd think getting a free silver coin would motivate more people to call in!


I truly enjoy all of the individuals above, especially.......

Peter Schiff and the expatriate Jim Rogers.

Yes, it's always great to

Yes, it's always great to watch Jim sporting the bow tie.

Winner will be announced on

Winner will be announced on Monday.

3 days left to enter the

3 days left to enter the contest! Let's get more in!

4 days left to enter the

4 days left to enter the contest!

Same for APMEX.com too

Got a spam email from APMEX.com this morning. They are giving away bullion too. Let me see if I can find the message real quick.

Ah yes.. Here it is


Dear Adam,

98% of APMEX customers are Satisfied Customers! For Valentine's Day, we have a great way to show you how much we love you back - with free APMEX Gold and Silver of course! Take a look at the Official APMEX YouTube Contest Page for more details.

Would you like to win a FREE 1 oz. APMEX Gold Bar or an APMEX Kilo (32.15 Troy ounce) Silver Bar just for showing us a little love? Then grab your video camera and enter your own homemade video showing the world why you "heart" APMEX! All it takes is a little bit of time and creativity. You show us some video love and you could win!

Check Out These Sweet Prizes

* Grand Prize wins an official APMEX 1 oz. Gold Bar
* 2nd Prize wins an official APMEX Kilo Silver Bar
* 3rd Prize wins an official APMEX 10 oz. Silver Round

Five additional winners will each receive one APMEX 1 oz. Silver Round. These winners will be selected for the "most commented", "most viewed", "highest rated", "most viral", and "most creative" video entries.

That's a lot of bullion to show you how sweet we think you are!

How Do You Enter To Win? It's easy, fast and fun!

1. Simply record a short video showing the world why you love getting your gold and silver bullion from APMEX.
2. Email your video to iheartAPMEX@gmail.com (All videos must be under 2 minutes in length and under 20MB (MPEG-4 format preferred). You can enter as many different, unique and creative videos as you like, but please only enter one video per user per day).
3. Once your video is uploaded, tell your friends or family and help spread the word - some of the prizes are based on how many times your video is voted on, commented on and embedded on other sites.

What are you waiting for? There is a handful of gold and silver waiting to be claimed by a select few APMEX customers that want to tell their story! So hurry, grab your video camera, and get to work on your video masterpiece. The contest ends Midnight CST on Valentine's Day (February 14) 2010. Winners will be announced and prizes will be shipped the following week!


David McCarty
Director of Marketing
American Precious Metals Exchange

P.S. Be sure and check our contest YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/iheartAPMEX for daily updates! Visit http://www.APMEX.com/contestrules for a PDF of the complete I Heart APMEX Contest Rules.

Yes, I received that too.

Yes, I received that too. However, APMEX requires contestants to do work. The only requirement for the Bull Source contest is to tweet a message.

No Twitter -- No Facebook for me.

The powers that be know enough about us without volunteering all that much more info.

I haven't bought into all the social networking stuff.

But the site is interesting.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Thanks. You can subscribe to

Thanks. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to get new posts (without having to give out any of your info).

Subscription options are at bullsource.com/subscribe/

Interesting Site

Wish I Twittered.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


If you don't use Twitter, Bull Source has a Facebook page too.


Forgot to mention there's an RSS feed for the Twitter account too for anyone that wants all Twitter updates but doesn't use Twitter.

And if we just don't do either?

then what?

Phil. 4:13

This contest is specifically

This contest is specifically for Twitter, but you can subscribe to new posts via RSS or by email. The links are on the sidebar.

Last weekday to enter.

Last weekday to enter.



Let's get more entries!

Let's get more entries!

Bump for free silver!

Bump for free silver!