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Why Palin's Endorsement of Rand is a VERY GOOD THING

For one very simple reason... because it pisses off neocons!!!

Perfect example... I am "friends" with several neocons on Facebook (realize that I mean avowed neocons. I shun applying labels to people who didn't explicitly ask for them). For example, one of them wrote this about Ron Paul's book "A Foreign Policy of Freedom":

"Rep. Paul has always been an isolationist, but prefers to call himself a non-interventionist. This book makes it plain that Paul wants to ignore the lessons of the 20th century. He wants to end America’s system of collective security, which probably would have avoided both World Wars I and II. Paul is an advocate of U.S. withdrawal from the UN, NATO and practically every other international organization.

Despite all of the potential terrorists who have recently been captured, Paul also wants to abolish the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA..."

So, when Sarah came out with an endorsement of Rand Paul, it came as no surprise that the self professed "neocons" got their wigs all in a tizzy.

The same poster I referred to above even went so far as to say that the endorsement somehow "wiped out the Scott Brown victory" as far as he was concerned.

It's gotten so bad for these poor souls that they are resorting to deleting comments that contain things that they can't refute (and if you call them on it, they say they deleted the comment because they've seen it too many times before from "conspiracy theorists" and "isolationist libertarians" and they are tired of wasting time on the subject).

In the most recent instance of this, a comment of mine in the thread linked above was deleted. Here was the comment:

@ S.L. & Frank - You cannot separate military spending from our economic woes. If you can explain to me how gold plated toilets for generals who never see the battlefield and blowing millions (billions?) on things like ridiculous "mind reading" weaponry make us safer, well I'm all ears...

Which leads me to my next point. Ron Paul got the most donations from the military when he ran for president because the average soldier knows that he would fight TO WIN, not to waste money on the kind of stuff I mentioned above that does nothing for the boots on the ground but keeps the game going into perpetuity for profit. They would rather see more bulletproof vests, armor for their vehicles, etc., so that they could do their job and then COME HOME AS HEROES to their families and communities without being singled out by DHS as threats to national security thanks to PTSD.

As for why we need to be so paranoid about every bogeyman the media throws at us, perhaps some people need to read up on the RIDICULOUS inconsistencies in the UnderBomber story. Some guy tries to light a fart on a plane and the average American cowers in fear as the Tell-Lie-Vision tells them how scary it all could have been if only he had farted harder, and that they better allow Chertoff's company to blast them with radiation and let fat people in TSA garb that they don't even know ogle their package before they get on the next plane just in case they end up sitting next to the "brassiere bomber" (and I swear some people are ready to believe that Palin will be the one to try to pull this off now that she has endorsed... *GASP*... a PAUL!!!).

Good God to Americans need to grow a pair, and FAST! "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" my @$$...

p.s. - Today I took a shower, despite a risk of dying in the bath that is many times greater than dying from a terrorist act. Then I got in my car and drove...

I even tried posting it a second time, and it was deleted again. I wonder what some of these people thought of the Detroit newspaper article that came out with evidence that the UnderBomber was escorted onto the plane by a U.S. agent? I mean really, how many facts can you sweep under the proverbial rug before it starts to resemble a tarp thrown over a pile of firewood?

I seriously think some of these poor souls just feel painted into a corner by their own pre-programmed belief systems. They are afraid to "come out of the closet" to their friends, and they just couldn't imagine what they would do with themselves if they felt they could no longer trust the FOX Info-Babes on the Tell-Lie-Vision.

Nevertheless, I do feel some hope for some of them. I've noticed some rays of light in between the lines of some of their posts lately. They are noticing more and more liberty oriented candidates getting publicity, they can't just call them all "kooks" anymore (chicken little rule in effect), and all of this public debate gets them talking about real issues for once.

And hey, you never what event in their own lives might initiate a moment of honest self reflection about their views...

So yes, in my mind it's a good thing!

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